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MISPLACED PRIORITY!! GoFundMe For Erica Shows How Foolish, Stupid, Silly & Dumb Nigerian Youths Are (BUHARI IS RIGHT)


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Misplaced Priority As Usual…
President Buhari is right that Nigerian Youths are lazy. Not just lazy but stupid!

WTF is wrong with us in this country? What’s wrong Nigerian Youths! God why did you create me a Nigerian. I’m so ashamed of myself right now.?

A GoFundMe for Erica, a girl who got disqualified for threatening to murder a fellow housemate outside Big Brother house? Someone who constantly bodyshame and mock other housemates?

OMG! Why do we promote mediocrity and stupidity always in this country? Why the regular misplaced priority?

Funny enough, most of the people donating have suffering parents, siblings, relatives and friends who are in serious need of money to do meaningful things.


Charity Begins At Home. Hypocrites!

Same lazy and useless youths that couldn’t protest against the increase price of fuel and electric?

According to Reno,
An informat in Aso Rock told him that President Muhammadu Buhari was actually afraid of increasing the prices of fuel and electric on the same day.

What emboldened him was when he saw how BBN has completely distracted Nigeria’s youth!

The initial plan was to increase the price of fuel and electric in October, after his Independence Day speech.


But his advisers told him that by that time Big Brother would have rounded up.

One adviser’s exact words were,

“Their brains will be on mute until after Big Brother”.

That is why Buhari increased them ahead of plan and did both on the same day. And his plan has worked perfectly!

Our MUMU don too much for this country!


You know I vowed that I will never marry a Nigerian. Not because there’s no good and beautiful women in Nigeria. Of course there’re educated and beautiful Nigerian women with good characters, but I don’t just want my unborn kids to share same nationality with me 100%. Nigeria is a big mess.

I always get upset whenever I login Social Media. The stupidity of Nigerian Youths is overwhelming. Especially from the extremely poor and average ones that are supposed to be sensible.

I’m writing this article with annoyance and you should be angry too after reading this!

GoFundMe for Erica? Like seriously? OMG!

So it is now a norm for a BbNaija housemate to misbehave, get disqualified and some hypocritical Nigerians will began to display stupidity in the name of charity?


I’m done criticizing Buhari, Politicians and the Nigerian government. They’re not really the problem, the YOUTHS are the major problem of the poor state of Nigeria. The supposed Leaders Of Tomorrow. SMH.

I drop pen here! But before I sign out, I would like to hear from you. Share your views.

What’s Your Take On GoFundMe for Erica? A Misplaced Priority or A Welcomed Development?

Drop comment below ?


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