BBNAIJA!! With What Happened This Saturday Night Describe Laycon With One Word

June 8, 2023, 4:24 am

One bottle of Hennessey for laycon
erica seriously finished laycon on a little matter that transparent between them some weeks ago.

She said laycon lied against her by claiming she attempted to kiss him.

Na so she start all these abusive words

She said “you look like a monkey, with your mob stick dread. You skinny bone and ugly” we are not on the same level and how will be attracted to you? bla bla bla..

If na me be laycon, Biggy must disqualify one of us tonight, I swear.

But what amazed me most is this skinny and ugly guy decided to mute and say nothing back to his ex-crush. 😂😂

In One Word, How Would You Describe laycon?


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  1. Laycon is just to calm for God sake, no man in bbn can be that calm… This shows that laycon is well train….. If Erica isn’t evicted then bbn is just a scam,was she did is against the bbn rules number one and I bet it, laycon can be calm and still cone and say sorry to Erica just to make peace but Erica is too aggressive, I like this Erica before but she made me dislike her now and if care it’s not taken Erica might frustrate lekan and if they finally evict lekan cause of this issue,everyone wouldn’t be happy including God himself…. So beware

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