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Onnet is a developer of Bee Swarm Simulator on the popular game Roblox. He used to play Roblox games before being a developer of the game. He joined Roblox and began playing games right after finishing high school in January 2009.

His real name is Piercen Harbut better known as Onnet on the Internet. The developer was seen at the Roblox Developer Conference 2022. He was born in Texas, United States of America. He is 32 years old as of 2022.

Has Onnet Done a Face Reveal?

Onnet has done his face reveal recently, and all his fans and followers are finally happy to see his face. He is popularly known as the developer of Bee Swarm Simulator in Roblox, his first and foremost game. Similarly, he also looks after the messages by the gamers about errors experienced while playing Bee Swarm Simulator.

The developer was seen at the Roblox Developer Conference 2022, held at the Fort Mason Center for arts and culture in San Francisco, CA, from September 9, 2022, until September 10, 2022. It was the first in-person event since 2019.

At the conference, there were game and platform update announcements. Similarly, in the event, there are networking opportunities with major developers and game-building events. At the event, Onett was seen giving a talk regarding Creating an Intriguing First Time User Experience and about how he made Bee Swarm Simulator.

What is Onnet real name? His Early Life

Onnet’s real name is Piercen Harbut. But most people know him as Onett rather than his actual name. He was born on December 24, 1989, and he is currently 32 years old. He used to live in Texas before he shifted to another place.


Onnet initially started playing Roblox games and didn’t think much of being a developer until one day, when he saw that he could incorporate his knowledge of games and earn money.

Onnet Gaming and Developing Career

He began playing in 2009 but was not consistent in playing the games; he used to come every year to see what changes had been made.

In 2017, he learned about the Developer Exchange Program and the ability to earn a living making Roblox games. So, he began developing for Roblox. He was inspired to be a developer of Roblox while reading an article about the success of Jailbreak and playing Snow Shoveling Simulator. He became a developer full-time in December 2017, and his bee simulator in Roblox has been a hit.

Onnet Net Worth

Onnet net worth is approximately 1 Million Dollars. He started playing games and developing games in Roblox which is his main source of income.

According to the source, the average salary of Onnet is about 107K+ Dollars per year. So, he earns a good amount from his work as a developer.

Onnet on Social Media

Onnet has a good following on his social media handles. He has 175K+ followers on his Twitter. To see his updates, you can follow him on Twitter.