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Shani Jamilah is an Instagram socialite, model, and blogger, she is also popular because she is allegedly the girlfriend of a popular footballer known as Romelu Lukaku.

Below is a photo of Shani Jamilah and Lukaku.

Recently, the popular singer uploaded some new photos of herself on her verified Instagram page. In the photos she posted online, she wore a sky blue bikini outfit which enabled her to showcase her spotless skin, she also wore cute glasses and her hair was styled nicely.

Below are the photos Shani Jamilah posted on Instagram.

When her fans and followers came across the photos, they were quite impressed, they commented that she looked quite beautiful. Below are the screenshots of some reactions from Instagram.

Image credit: Instagram

What are your thoughts about the bikini outfit Shani Jamilah rocked in the recent photos she uploaded on Instagram? Do you think she looks stunning? You can air your opinions in the comment section.