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Water And Garri (2024) – Nollywood Movie 

After years away in the UK, Aisha returns to her hometown in Ghana, only to find it drastically changed. Determined to redefine herself and reconnect with her roots, she embarks on a journey filled with love, loss, and unexpected discoveries. As she navigates the complexities of family, tradition, and modernity, Aisha must confront the ghosts of her past and the challenges of her present to find her true path in life.

Director: Meji Alabi

Genre: Drama

Language: English

– Tiwa Savage
– Andrew Yaw Bunting
– Jemima Osunde
– Mike Afolarin

Aisha’s return home becomes a catalyst for transformation not just for herself but for those around her. Through her encounters with old friends, new acquaintances, and the vibrant culture of her hometown, Aisha learns to embrace the beauty of her heritage while forging her own identity in a rapidly changing world.

As she grapples with the complexities of love and family, Aisha finds herself torn between tradition and modernity, duty and desire. Along the way, she discovers that true happiness lies not in conforming to societal expectations but in embracing her authentic self and following her heart.

Water And Garri is a poignant exploration of identity, belonging, and the universal quest for meaning and fulfillment. Set against the backdrop of contemporary Ghana, this heartfelt drama celebrates the power of resilience, self-discovery, and the bonds that unite us all.

Watch Trailer Below: