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Nigerian rapper Oladips has voiced his frustration with the persistent skepticism surrounding his assertion of having passed away and returned to life.

During a recent interview with Hip TV on April 10, 2024, Oladips confronted the “death hoax” surrounding his near-death encounter, affirming that he genuinely experienced death and resurrection.

In 2023, reports emerged suggesting Oladips’ demise, only to be followed by reports of his survival. This led many to speculate that he had orchestrated his own death as a publicity stunt. In his interview, Oladips recounted his near-death experience and lamented the widespread disbelief among the public.

“I returned to life to find chaos and disbelief,” Oladips expressed. “But what can I do? What’s done is done. How many individuals can I sit down with and explain to?” He continued, “Clearly, many still perceive my death as a prank. Despite my attempts to clarify that it was a genuine near-death experience, people continue to doubt. However, those closest to me understand that I indeed experienced death and resurrection.”

Oladips’ remarks underscore the difficulties he encounters in managing public perception and the skepticism surrounding his ordeal.