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Adeeyo Peter Adebayo widely known as Bayo Ododo, is a renowned Nigerian folk/soul music artist, Bayo Ododo is a songwriter, and pianist from Oyo State. He earned his first degree in Arts and Design from the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), Ogbomoso.

Bayo musical journey began with his love for playing the piano, eventually leading him to pursue a career in music. His genre can be best described as folk/soul, focusing on preserving Yoruba cultural heritage while promoting moral conduct, the value of Yoruba culture, and the beauty of peaceful coexistence.



The Young Singer Bayo Ododo is set to Release his Second Studio Album Called “ODODO” featuring 10 track

Ara e jo – This track delivers a vocal message urging listeners to maintain joy despite economic challenges, advocating for hard work and positivity in the face of adversity.

Oluremi – This track offers words of advice and warnings to the youth, stressing the importance of hard work, choosing good company, and avoiding dishonest means of achieving goals.

Ike – A love song proposing marriage with optimism for the future.

Gbinrin – This track weaves together various Yorùbá tales and deep philosophical insights, emphasizing the importance of not looking down on others and recognizing the impermanence of circumstances.

B’ Ina n jo’ – The track centers on the commitment to relationships between lovers despite any circumstances, with strong hopes for a better future.

Ise – meaning ‘work’, emphasizes the importance of diligence in achieving optimistic future expectations, especially in the face of discouragement.

Ododo -This track points out the crucial role of education in shaping the lives of children, emphasizing the importance of providing them with the necessary formal and moral training to thrive and become responsible adults….(The music Album title)

Ife Eleyele – This track examines the importance of faithfulness in romantic relationships, highlighting that secrets eventually come to light, affecting the integrity of love.

Oladekoju – This track explores the essence of the Yorùbá deity, Osun, describing her and seeking her blessings to showcase the rich cultural heritage of the Yorùba people.

Break My Heart – This track explores the fundamental attributes of love and human nature, emphasizing the enduring bond that love creates, even amidst quarrels.


The music album will be available on digital platforms on march 15th. Stay tune…