Nengi Bows To Pressure From Fans, Finally Revealed Her Real Age.

June 1, 2023, 12:02 pm

nengi Bows To pressure From Fans, Finally Revealed Her Real Age.

nengi is a young Nigerian lady from Bayelsa State. nengi is an entrepreneur. She has been on the spotlight before now as she is a former model and had made it to the MDGN 2017 top five contestants.

After the big brother show, she has been seen around with also going on media tours and other stuff she got going on, but people had been attacking her for lying about her age on the Big Brother naija show.

If it could be called she claimed that she is 22 years of age while on the show, which people found it very hard to believe as they claimed she looks way older than 26.

She has been under a lot of pressure from people and our fans to reveal her real age and then, if there's anything I know about celebrities they always now to pressure.

She revealed a picture of her passport which claimed she was a British citizen and showed us the date of birth with the year 1998 which proves she was saying the truth after all.

Funny enough many still found it hard to believe as they claim that it may have been altered. They simply claim that she could never be 22 years of age with a face and body like that.

nengi Bows To pressure From Fans, Finally Revealed Her Real Age.


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