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Local hunters kill 4th elephant in 2 years in Ogun state

Local hunters in Ogun state have shown their prowess in hunting as it has been reported that this is the 4th elephant killed in 2 years in Ogun state.

What seems like good news to the local hunters isn’t exactly good news to the Elephant Protection Initiative. As they have condemned the illegal killings of animals in the forest.

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It was reported by the Elephant Protection Initiative that this is the fourth elephant reportedly killed in two years in Ogun state.

Sharing photos of the animal killed near Omo forest, they wrote;

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“Sad. Near Omo Forest, Ogun, not far from Lagos, 4th elephant illegally shot dead in 2 yrs. #Nigeria’s few elephants – c400- fast disappearing. (Elephant shot by local hunter- those in pic not responsible)”


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