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JUST IN : Ibadan’s Bolt Drivers Has Decided To Go On Strike (Read Details)

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Bolt Drivers in has decided  to go on Strike due to some reasons.

The drivers in has decided to go on strike for the following reason;-

1. Long pickups (Far more than the adjusted radius).

2. Riders brutality.

3. Ridiculous fare price

4. Increment in commission from 15% -20% without informing the Driver partner.

5. Unjust blocking of Driver partner due to riders report. Not even giving the driver a fair hearing / defence.

6. Inadequate profiling of riders. No pictures to identify while all details of the driver including home address is giving to the rider.

7. No insurance for driver when the Unforseen happens i.e robbery/assault.

8. Bolt office not accessible for complaint.

9. Not all areas in are covered on Bolt coverage. Hence, drivers keep losing driving far above riders initial destination.
This sometimes result to quarells and at of the day Bolt blocking the driver. Etc


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