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I will be accountable for all my actions

*In this interview with the young vibrant politician vying for a political post in osun state, Mr.Olaoye G. Adeoluwa bares his mind on his manifestoes and other inquisitive expositions*.

**can we meet you sir?*

Thank you very much. My name is *Mr. OLAOYE GIDEON ADEOLUWA* a graduate of Faculty of Law ,Obafemi Awolowo University. I am from Ife North Local Government, IPETUMODU to be precise but a resident of Ife Central Local Government , Parakin/ Eleyele axis.

*Can you give fond memories of your childhood* ?

Well childhood memories are worthwhile . I was born in Ife and had my primary school education at Staff School, OAU and graduated in 2006, I proceeded to Moremi High School OAU, then university at OAU . So basically, all my childhood experience is in Ife and I happen to be a very dilligent and dynamic child. I helped my father with some farm work and ministry work and I do play football in school.

*Your childhood and adulthood seems to run around ile-ife axis why is this so ?*


Well . I would say it’s how God wants it because as a man you live where you are born perhaps it’s because my father ; Late. Prophet W .S. OLAOYE (Baba Wonderful) had his ministry and build his house in Ife. Although I tried changing environment during my admisssion into the University but all to no avail. I wanted UniAbuja or UniLag but I learnt that OAU is the best in LAW and I was so passionate about being a lawyer so I had to just put in for OAU.

*Can you tell us a bit about your parents and immediately Family in briefs?*

Ok. My father is a clergy man. He is the G.O of Wonderful God Evangelistic Ministry International with her Headquarters at Parakin and my Mum is a non academic staff in OAU , department of Zoology.

*What about you your siblings?*

I have about 7 siblings 5 boys and 2 girls. I am the 3rd born.


*Where did your journey into politics emanates from* ?

Actually I can say from secondary school but it was more of governance because I was the class captain of my Class from Jss1 to SS3 , Time keeper in Jss 2, senior Boy in Jss 3, time keeper again in SS 2, Asst. Senior Boy in SS3 , President of Young Framers Club and The School Fellowship President. So I was handling different leadership position. But upon getting to the university, the system was different because I was motivated by the actions of Ibikunle the then President of the Student Union in 2013. So I started with HEC post of Social director which I lost to Dr. Bobo and contested for the House of Lords in the Faculty of Law which made me a member of the IfeLaw Judiciary for 3years. And was appointed as Legal Adviser to the Security Committee by the Dr. IBK led administration of the Student Union and was also a leading aspirant for the office the Student Union President OAU before the embargo on union activities ;So I joined PDP in 2017 and became a card Carrying member. In 2018, was elected as members of Iremo ward II exco basically office of the Youth leader. And now an aspirant for the office of Iremo ward II Councillorship

*What do u hope to bring to the table as a councilor?*

Well over the years, I have always put my trust in the hands of men to effect the change of a better society, a government of the people for the people but many have failed me . That’s why I took it upon myself to be the change that I expect from people. So if elected, I will be known for four things;
One- Accountability : I will be accountable for all my actions and Two- Credibility: I will be credible at all times. Three- Project Execution : I intend to execute mini projects within my Jurisdictions such as digging of bore holes as a source of water supply in Iremo II and be a good liason officer between the people in the rural area and the Government. I will always summon the needs of the people and state it before the state. The last being Empowerment. I intend to empower my constituent and to orientate them.

*In Nigerian politics,its optimism to hope to do this or that and another to actually do them after you get hopefully elected?*


Yes. If you look at my manifesto critically, you will observe that they are things feasible that any patriotic citizen of Nigeria who has vision can do if in power. So my words are far from mere puff. If given the opportunity, I will surely; with the help of God and my constituent deliver beyond expectations because am a man of my words . Perhaps the Bible says Let your yes be your yes and your NO be your No. So I would never promise what I can’t do.

*What are your chances of winning this election*?

Well on the scale of 1 to 10 , I would say 7 base on the support I have been having so far but in politics nothing is certain but am optimistic and intensifying more because the current APC are really desperate and looking for ways to rig the election. In fact, they are planning not to conduct the election rather resolve in a Parliamentary system because the government presently lack the support of the people . Osun people are tired of the slavery the government have indirectly put them and we also thank God that we are able to secure the judgement of the Court of Appeal estopping the Governor from conducting a Parliamentary system of government in the LG but rather state emphatically and categorically that our laws only recognizes a Presidential system of government in the LG where people can vote for who they want . So I Implore the Governor of the state to listen to the cry of the people of Osun by conducting the LG election in December as earlier proposed and allow the people’s will to be done .

*How is the PDP fairing in osun politics generally* .

We have the support of the people because Osun are pained by the day robbery done by the APC to steal their mandate wilfully given to Senator Ademola Adeleke in 2018 and are powerfully ready to reelect him come 2022 by God’s grace to claim their stolen mandate. And the leadership of the party are working assiduously to reclaim our victory come 2022.


*How do you unwind?*

Ok. Actually am a lover of games, tourism and music. So basically, I do go to club sometimes to relax with my friends , play indoor games and travel alot during my breaks

*What are your turn on and turn off*?

Am happy cooking, singing and listening to music… It turns me on . On the other hand, lies turns me off.

*How do u relate with your fans especially your female folks?*


Well . Like I said earlier, I do tourism. So both my male friends and female friends go out with me & we do have picnics. I communicate with my fans at ward meetings, LG and on social media too.

*Thank you for your time!*
It’s my pleasure. Am dilighted to be here.thanks for the privilege.

**Thanks for taking ya Time to tea through ..*

I remain your host ,Olugoda.(@Olugoda_explosure)
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