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Heartbroken Deal mum says ‘I will never stop until I get answers about my son’s mysterious death’


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Alex Holland was a 27 years old married man who went missing in the year 2021 during the month of November from Delane Road, Deal. Recently, people are more curious to know more about the case. In this article, we will have a closer look at his missing case, dead body, and what his parents have to say about this.

Alex Holland, a father of two goes missing, Has he been found?

Many people are curious whether his body has been found or not. The answer to this question is YES. Last November 28th, a 27-year-old man named Alex Holland disappeared from his parent’s house in Delane Road, Deal. He was a married man with two children. Unfortunately, his body was found on February 17th in the water at Pinnock Wall in Hacklinge.

His death was announced on that day, and a postmortem assessment didn’t find any evidence of violence, so it was uncertain how he died. At the inquest held at the Archbishop’s Palace in Maidstone, it was reported that only small amounts of alcohol and cocaine were found in his body through a toxicology check.

Alex Holland’s parents express their dissatisfaction with their child’s case investigation

Mr. Holland’s parents were unhappy with how the Kent Police handled the investigation into their son’s disappearance and death. They complained that the search area was not thorough enough and that the police missed checking CCTV footage. They were also upset that their son’s wallet was never found, and that incorrect details about his appearance were used in public appeals for information.

His mother, Rachel Holland, said:


“I said to the police that’s my child. It’s my child that I’ve lost. It’s not my phone or my bank card. To you, he’s just a number, but he’s my son.”

His father, Mark Holland, said:

“[It’s] devastating, really, because it’s the answers that we want that we may never get and that’s hard to accept.”

In a statement, Kent Police said:

“The family of Alex Holland has asked for the findings of their complaint to Kent Police to be reviewed by the IOPC and it would be inappropriate to comment while the process is ongoing.”

A spokesman for the IOPC said:

“We received an application to review a complaint made to Kent Police over its handling of a missing person’s investigation. The review has been allocated to a caseworker.”

What happened that day? What does Joanne Andrews, the area coroner have to say on this?

Last November, Mr. Holland informed his parents that he was going outside for a cigarette. However, his body was discovered 12 weeks later in a water-filled ditch. He was only wearing one shoe, and his car was located 1.5 miles away from where his body was found. An inquest took place in 2022, but the verdict was “open,” meaning that there was no clear explanation for what had happened. Additionally, a post-mortem examination could not determine the cause of Mr. Holland’s death.

A police helicopter that arrived on November 30 just before dawn conducted a 500-meter-radius search of the area. Also, Sandwich Bay and the English Channel were scanned using it. The coroner couldn’t figure out how he died exactly, as there were no signs of violence, suicide, or drugs being the cause.


She said:

“I have no evidence to conclude how he came to be in the ditch.

“There is no indication of third-party involvement, police say the death is not suspicious and there is no evidence to reach a conclusion of death by suicide.

“I simply don’t know how he came to be in that ditch.”

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