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Don’t Ever Leave Your Woman if She Has These 7 Qualities


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Human being is said to be a special mammal or animal God created. They are special for the fact that they can think/reason and differentiate the good from the bad, and know the left from the right. These are some of the special qualities that make human being a special creature.

Therefore, in relationship-wise between human beings (man and woman) also come with special qualities. These article will feed you with some special qualities in women that worthwhile and why ladies that possess such qualities should be held tight.

Below are special seven qualities that if you see them in your girl, please, hold on to her.

She is God fearing: my brother, this kind of lady can provide you not only peace of mind, but with fear of God in her; she can lead you to the heavenly kingdom of God.

She does not keep grudges: yes, even teeth and tongue do bite each other but still forgive and forget and still working together peacefully. Therefore, it is normal that you guys may have misunderstanding but to hold on to it is a problem. So, if you are blessed with a girl that doesn’t keep the disagreements in your relationship, hold on to her.


She sharpens you: the Bible says that Iron sharpens Iron. So, if you have a girl that gives you muscle for prosperity, don’t let her go.

She is not proud: unwarranted pride is very destructive and should not be entertain at all. The attribute is sometimes common in ladies, but when you eventually have one without pride, please keep her.

She doesn’t nag: somebody once told me that ladies are naturally naggers but I begged to differ. It is not every lady that nags. So, if you are in position of one that doesn’t nag or complain, she is a right choice.

She takes your recommendations: if a girl does accepts your recommendations, that means she has listening ear. And that is one of the beautiful qualities of a good girl that you shouldn’t let go.

She is a homemaker: a home with friendly ambiance is a favorite environment for all. If your lady makes you think of home while away from home, please, don’t conceive any iota of thoughts or actions that would prompt her to leave or you leave her.


Thank You.

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