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In this interview with Nsukka born ace entertainer, Emeka Eze popularly known Mc Emmy Eze, loved for his dexterity and versatility in media, PR services, and entertainment. He opens up to the interviewer withholding nothing, into his personality, professional career and love life.

Can we meet you ?

OK.. My name is Eze Emeka Harrison. That’s the name I take to the bank and cash out, lol… but I love to be called Mc Emmy Eze. I am from Ụmụ-Arima, Eha-alumona, Nsukka LGA, Enugu state. I am an Mc, Comedian, Actor, a social commentator and an OAP currently working with Voice 96.7 fm Nsukka. I am also among the board of directors of The Brytography Company, a 21st century media firm. I created the popular radio show Ekwe na Udu on Voice fm. I studied Theatre and Film studies at the premiere university, The University of Nigeria. Dalu.

Good! (smiles) You seem to be an eccentric cheerful figure, is that so?

(Smiles)… Na God oooo.

What motivated you into being a radio show presenter ?

Well to be frank with you, I started listening to radio when I was very small…. I always listened to the likes of Nnamdi Onoh of Ray power fm, Chibuezem Obasi Of Unity fm Abakaliki, Chukwuma Ogbonna of ESBS, Ndudi chiude of Coal city fm, Aka Eze Aka, Ogochukwu Eze of Ray power, Charity Olemadi (Ada Nsukka) and many others. So, then I believed that one day I’ll heard on radio. Whenever I hear those set of people presenting their programmes on radio it had my ears glued to the radio set. So I think that what motivated me was that aspiration of being like those people I listened to and wanting the whole world to hear my voice.
From your bio, one can deduce that you are a young man of many parts.

How do you combine all of these things ?

Smiles… Remember that I told you that I studied Theatre Arts, as a thespian I was trained to multi-task. So it was a training for me. I don’t joke with my time. I give time to anything I am doing and I don’t allow unnecessary things encroach on my time
Your career is quite a demanding one.

What has been the challenges so far in your highly demanding career?

Hmmm…. One of my biggest challenges is logistics…. What do I mean? Most times I would have a wedding reception and a traditional wedding to emcee, maybe I still have a radio programme to anchor the same day, it has always posed a great challenge to me because I don’t own a car yet, lol. Inasmuch as this is a challenge, over time, I’ve been able to devise a means to circumvent it, so we are good.

What are your turn ons and turn offs?

Appreciation and disappointment respectively.

Tell us about your programme ‘ekwe na udu’

You know, Over the years, many people have been facing the problem of how they can make people to know about their works, their talents and their businesses. This particular problem propelled me to start that radio show titled, EKWE na UDU every Wednesday from 10:30am to 11.am, on Voice 96.7 fm Nsukka, a radio station that covers more than 10 states in Nigeria.
EKWE na UDU is a radio program designed to promote Artisans and talented people. What is that your handiwork that you want the world to hear about it: Are you a tailor, event decorator, beads maker, Carpenter, Mechanics or you’re a DJ, a musician, a dancer, Comedian etc we make the world know you and what you are doing and generate leads for you. So aside the comic part of the show, this is primarily what we do at Ekwe na Udu.
We started the show on 10th April 2019. And Since we then we have projected many firms, we have promoted numerous artiste and artisans. And again due to its comic nature we always cure high BP lol.
Curing high bp!hmmmm

How do u mean?

Yes… OK… I forgot to let you know that I am a doctor of High BP (laughs) and that is what I am known for. Yes it is obvious that the programme is meant to promote brands but it is also comic. Topcityvibe, let me not lie to you people, as it stands now, Ekwe na Udu radio show is unarguably the most listened radio show in the entire southeastern part of Nigeria. Many people really love it because of its comic nature. It means different thing to different people, some a comic relief, some a platform to promote their brands, some use it as means to socialize,.of course you know it’s a Call-in-program, very interactive.

Being an handsome young man; How do you treat your female fans?

(Laughs really hard)… You know, basically we OAPs are audio celebrities. Our fans can’t see our face, they can only hear our voice. OK.. Most times when they meet me in an occasion most of them don’t really believe that I am the mask behind that radio show not until I begin to talk on the microphone. But even at that, many ladies always fall in love when they hear my voice on radio. I could remember a lady that got my number through radio and started calling me just to see me. I have had many ladies traveled from far places to our station just to see Emmy Eze but the funny part of it is that I don’t always want them to see me in real life unless I am emceeing an event. Many of them after seeing me they will be saying that my voice is bigger than me because of my tiny body. Even many of them that I have met one on one I’d always try to remove sexual feelings.

Alright!how do you unwind ?

Reading! I read. I read anything readable.

On a parting Note,what’s your words of inspiration to aspiring OAP ?

Just don’t look back in anything you are doing. Believe in yourself. Don’t always assume that your friends or relatives would help you. Always be prayerful.

hanks for your time Mc Emmy Eze.

You are welcome. It is my pleasure.

Thanks for taking your time to read through…I remain your host-Olugoda (Olugoda_explosureinterview)
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