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A one-legged Lady joins protest but checkout what the protesters did to change her life


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A one-legged Lady joins protest but checkout what the protesters did to change her life

There is love in unity. When we unite in Nigeria, we achieve quite a lot of things. A young lady took to the street as she marches with just one leg to protest for the end of sars. She walked for a whole day with just one leg in pain. Other protesters were very surprised to see the zeal in her and the passion. Many people who are not physically challenged are somewhere hiding in the house but this lady came out even though she is physically challenged. If there is any form of trouble, she may not be able to run. For example, if the police throws canisters at the protesters, she may not be able to run. She risked all these just to make sure her voice is heard. She walked alongside the protesters with lots of confidence but when some protesters saw her, what they did to help her changed her life forever.

This lady has been saving money for months so as to get herself a prosthetic leg to be able to walk again. She has been unemployed since 2013 partly because of her condition. There is virtually no help for her. More than 50 people have tried to donate money for her but the money was not enough! She has been going through all these for a long time. The prosthetic leg that she needs costs N1.5million and she has been saving and trying to get it for a very long time. So, when the protesters saw her today, they tried to help her. So, a Twitter User called Aproko Doc opened an account for people to donate N1.5m to help this young girl. Within 2 hours that the account was opened, there is now close to N3m on the account already which is double the amount of money that the lady needs to change her life. People are still dropping money for her because they feel zeal and passion in this young lady to make Nigeria a better place.

This lady now has more than enough money to obtain the prosthetic leg and she will be able to walk with two legs comfortably. Currently, they have chatted with the Doctor who will carry out the procedure. The Doctor promised that she will get another prosthetic leg which is the highest quality possible. Also, the Doctor will not collect a penny. This lady’s life has just transformed drastically. She is now a millionaire with two legs.

This is the leg

Hence, her life has changed drastically. All the pain she had been going through to walk with those crutches will now come to an end. She was very happy when she saw how Nigerians made her to achieve her long-term dream. Nigerians are good and generous people; it is only disunity that sets us apart. We achieve more when we come together. God bless everyone who donated money for this young girl.


A one-legged Lady joins protest but checkout what the protesters did to change her life

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