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Explore the private life of Sandra Cash, the wife of renowned guitarist Jeff Beck. Learn about their meeting, marriage, and their 18 years of togetherness until his passing. Despite her preference to stay away from the spotlight, Sandra was an important figure in Jeff’s life and a loving and devoted partner. This a comprehensive article for those curious about the life of Sandra Cash.

Sandra Cash is best known as the wife of renowned guitarist Jeff Beck. Unlike her well-known husband, Sandra Cash did not work in the entertainment industry and chose to maintain a low profile. The couple met in 2004 when Sandra was 40 and Jeff was 60 and got married in 2005.

They were married for 18 years until Jeff’s passing in 2023. Not much is known about Sandra’s personal life or background, as she has chosen to keep it private. It is known that the couple did not have any children together and that Sandra was not involved in the entertainment industry.

Sandra Cash Husband Jeff Beck

Sandra’s private nature and lack of public presence make it difficult to know more about her personal life and background, but it is clear that she was an important figure in Jeff’s life and was devoted to him during their 18 years of marriage. The news of Jeff Beck’s passing must have been a great loss for her, and her family and friends likely grieve with her at this difficult time.