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In the video, the lady identified by her friend as Nana Ama was seen shedding tears in bed while her friend tries to console her in bed.

Her friend was heard trying to put her back together but all her efforts proved futile as Nana Ama continues to shed more tears.

She further tried to call the guy whose name was saved as “World Best” on her but still, it seems the guy has blacklisted Nana Ama’s number or switched off his phone just to ignore the lady completely.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, a  man has caused his own death after he was challenged to consume a whole bottle of gin during a competition with his friends at a drinking bar.

In the video, the yet-to-be-identified man was seen consuming the entire bottle of gin without a break just to win the competition, perhaps to impress those around.

The man consumed the whole bottle with ease and was praised by his friends for proving them wrong by winning the task they set for him.

The man could be seen with discomfort in his chest a few seconds after he was proclaimed the winner, as he makes numerous efforts to puke out the booze as he hit his chest and slumped to the floor.