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Mehcad Brooks Wife

Learn everything you never knew about American model and actor Mehcad Brooks, including details about his family, twin brother, college major, and successful career. Discover his most recognized works and his surprising past as an underwear model. A must-read for fans of the talented performer.

Mehcad Brooks, the talented American model, and actor, is among the many things that fans may not know about Brooks, one of the most fascinating is the story of his wife, Frida Brooks.

On May 8, 2021, Mehcad and Frida exchanged vows in a beautiful ceremony that took place on Frida’s grandfather’s birthday. The couple has been together for some time, and Frida has been a constant source of support and inspiration for Mehcad throughout his career.

Mehcad Brooks Wife

She is a huge admirer of Vylana’s music, as evidenced by her Instagram profile, and is passionate about many other things as well.

Frida tends to avoid the spotlight and has made few comments about her private life, but she frequently shares updates about Mehcad’s accomplishments and highlights his talents and achievements.

Mehcad Brooks comes from a family with a rich history of talented individuals. His parents, Billy and Alberta Brooks, were both accomplished in their own right. His mother is a former Miss Austin and was a top model in the 1970s, while his father is a professional football player who played for the Denver Broncos. Growing up, Brooks was surrounded by a family who encouraged and supported his passions, including acting and modeling.


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