Sola Allyson has a track record of dishing out soul-stirring gospel songs that are sure to make any believer draw closer to God. This new one, “Ìfẹ́ Á D’Alẹ́” is not left out of this trend. It is drawn from her 9th album, “Isodotun“.

“Ìfẹ́ Á D’Alẹ́” is delivered in the Yorùbá language by the indigenous gospel singer. Its message is appreciating God’s unending love for humanity. Recall that Sola Allyson’s 7th studio album “Ìmúṣẹ” recorded over 1 million streams on Boomplay.

Watch the official video to “Sola Allyson – Ìfẹ́ Á D’Alẹ́” below: