MUST READ:Six Businesses You Should Try This New Year To Raise Your Income

May 31, 2023, 4:12 am

It's an indisputable fact that so many businesses really suffer a great retrogression in the hand of a pandemic which restricted so many business activities for the larger part of this year.

However, the pandemic gave some other businesses a great avenue to become more popular.

Thus, from a reasonable point of view, new investors should consider investing more of their time and money into those businesses in the upcoming year.

The businesses include;

1. Cryptocurrency Trading : In early October 2020, A Bitcoin was less than $9,000 while Ethereum was also less than $300. Presently, both Bitcoin and Ethereum had upped their prices to $23,000 and $600 respectively. Imagine someone invested a million Naira into either Ethereum or Bitcoin three months ago, such amount will have doubled itself now.
Although cryptocurrency trading has its risk just like other businesses, it can be greatly managed if investors take the time to study the market trend.

2. Digital Investment : These are online investment Companies' where you invest a certain amount of money and take a daily return on your investment.
To avoid being scammed here, you must learn how to strike a balance between fear and greed.

Moreover, take time to make your personal research before pledging money with any online company to avoid stories that touch the heart. Preferably, platforms with payment gateways are always safer as your capital can be retrieved if the company suddenly folds up.

3. Affiliate Marketing : This is another lucrative way of making good money online. All you need is to affiliate yourself with a reputable company and start marketing their products. Also, you may be a shareholder with them and enjoy the dividend on your share based on an agreed percentage.

4. E-commerce : This is a very good way of making money if you have a product or services you can market online. All you need is to be consistent with your chosen marketing strategy and rake in some cool cash daily.

5. Network Marketing : This may be frustrating and time-consuming at the beginning, but one will definitely make a fortune from it in the long run. Network marketing is what some people referred to as “Referral Business” because it's always based on a Multilevel marketing model. To succeed in a network marketing business, make sure you chose the one that has a good product.

6. Forex Trading : Forex trading is an ability to leverage on the rise and fall of currencies in the global market. Forex trading is a very lucrative business that can give you unlimited earnings if you can devote some time to learn the skill.


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