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MASK is supposed to be used for a limited time.

If you wear it for a long time:

1. Oxygen in the blood reduces.

2. Oxygen to the brain reduces.

3. You start feeling weak.

4. May lead to death.


A- Pull it off when you are alone. I see a lot of people in their car with AC on still wearing face mask. Ignorance or illiteracy?

B. Do not use it at home.

C- Only use it in a crowded place and when in close contact with one or more persons.

D-  Reduce the use of it while isolating yoursef most times.

E- Keep two mask with u always change the mask every 4 -5 hours.

F- Do not use the mask for longer time

Stay Safe !!❤

Do not keep this information to yourself.
Provide it to all your families and friends. We are fighting Coronavirus but please don’t die from Hypoxia. Thank you….

I wish you good health and longevity.