In a recent and utterly mesmerizing encounter, Afrobeat sensation, Davido, found himself utterly flabbergasted as an exceptionally gifted American mentalist put him to the test and emerged victorious, leaving the Singer and crew spellbound by the enthralling spectacle, Topcityvibe report.

In the popular video circulating online, a fascinating magician from America confidently walked up to the famous singer, the magician proposed an intriguing challenge, and told him he what to play and try a trick on him.


The mentalist revealed that without Davido and one of his entourage saying anything, he would tell them who they had their first kiss with.

In the captivating video, the magician confidently disclosed that Davido’s first kiss was with a lady named Sarah, and his entourage’s own was with Busayo.

Davido was so taken aback by this revelation that he let out a loud scream and swiftly retreated from the scene where the mentalist had amazed him with the remarkable trick.