Jeffrey Dampier Biography, Age, Career, Family, Early Life, Net Worth, Social Media, Height, Weight

Jeffrey Dampier won a $20 million Illinois lottery jackpot in 1996. He was murdered by his sister-in-law and her boyfriend in 2005.

The Killing of newly made millionaire Jeffrey Dampier

Mr. Jeffrey Dampier was an ordinary guy when he won $20 million in the 1996 Illinois state lottery. He grew up on the west side of Chicago and worked as a security guard.

He was lavish with his winnings, giving lavish gifts to his sisters-in-law and taking care of their finances when they fell on hard times. He was actually having an affair with Victoria Jackson, his wife’s sister.

Nathaniel Jackson, another boyfriend of Victoria, also knew about Jeffrey Dampier’s money and devised a plan to obtain it with Victoria’s help.

She claimed to have car troubles and stopped by Nathaniel’s apartment on July 26. After he demanded she call Dampier, Victoria lured Dampier over claiming to be experiencing car trouble. Nathaniel then pulled a shotgun and forced Dampier to leave the apartment.

Dampier was repeatedly hit with the barrel of the gun by Nathaniel while he demanded the money. When Dampier refused, Nathaniel turned the gun over to Victoria. “Either you shoot me, or I’ll shoot you!” Nathaniel said.

Dampier was shot once in the back of the head by Victoria, and he died instantly. They abandoned the van on a deserted road with his body inside, and the body was discovered a short time later and they were arrested.

Jeffrey Dampier Age, Family and Early life

Jeffrey Dampier was born on March 24, 1966, in Chicago. He was the son of Jeffrey Dampier Sr but nothing about his mother is there

His parents are unidentified, however, and we do not have details about them. Because we have not heard anything about his parents from him, we find it difficult to find information about them right now.

This section will be updated as soon as we get further information regarding her parents and their line of work, as well as her relationship status with them.

He was married to his ex-wife but they divorced as a result  Dampier began dating, then married, another woman named Crystal Jackson. Two years later, they moved to Tampa Bay, Florida, where they opened their gourmet popcorn business.

He was killed on July 26, 2005, by Victoria Jackson and Nathaniel Jackson, probably because of his jackpot winnings.

Which school and college did Jeffrey Dampier go to? What was his major?

Due to the limited information that we have regarding his education since nothing has not been disclosed anything regarding his education, we do not have any information concerning his education.

Whenever we receive any information regarding her education, we will update this section

Jeffrey Dampier’s Net worth, How much does he earn? 

We don’t know his net worth at the time of his death, but he was a millionaire because of a lottery win and a business he ran alongside it.

In what relationship does Jeffrey Dampier currently reside?

He was married to Crystal Jackson Dampier at the time of his death.

Does Jeffrey Dampier have a social media presence?

There is no information about his social media accounts that we are aware of.

We will update this section as soon as we learn anything about them.

Jeffrey Dampier Physical Appearance Height, Weight

Height N / A
Weight N / A
Hair Black
Eye Colour Black
Body Type Fit
Sexual Orientation Straight

Interesting facts about Jeffrey Dampier’s should be known’s  

Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Zodiac Sign N / A
Net Worth N / A
Single/ In a relationship Married
Current Spouse Crystal Jackson Dampier
Children’s N / A


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