Jim Iannazzo Wife, Biography, Age, Career, Family, Early Life, Net Worth, Social Media, Height, Weight

October 21st, 2022
Jim Lannazzo Wife

Jim Iannazzo is the wealth Management Advisor, Managing Director at Merrill Lynch Management.

People started talking about him after he was filmed throwing a tantrum over a smoothie. Then he became racist and assaulted a teenage employee.

Jim Iannazzo assaults Teenage Employee with  Smoothie

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Advisor, JAMES Iannazzo, throws a Tantrum over a smoothie. He goes on to be racist and to assault a teenage employee.

A branch office of Merill Lynch for Bank of America is run by Jim Iannazzo in Stamford, Connecticut.

All because Merrill Lynch executive Jim Iannazzo doesn’t like his smoothie, he throws a blender, yells racist slurs, and tries to break in to attack three young girls.

People are unhappy with him as  The example set by Jim Iannazzo to the world and business world was bad. Many people have commented on how he can mistreat kids over a smoothie, as well as how people no longer want to work. Nobody deserves this treatment.

Jim Iannazzo Age, Family and Early life

A Merrill Lynch employee, Jim Iannazzo, works for the Bank of America-owned Merrill Lynch Family. His viral interview video suggests that he is in his mid-40s, however, we have no information on his exact birth date or age at this time.

Although he appears to be married, there is nothing known about his personal or married life for the time being since he wasn’t a known individual until the incident took place.

Jim Lannazzo Wife

However, his mistreatment, assault, and intimidation of young girls over a SMOOTHIE video has made him look like a bad role model.

Furthermore, people are demanding that a person like him must be fired by the bank of America as  He works for Merrill Lynch Family of Companies. Merrill Lynch’s family of companies belongs to Bank of America.

We have no further information on him and his family at this time, as nothing official about this incident has been announced except on social media.

Since nothing official has been announced about this incident, except on social media, we do not have any further information about him and his family.

Therefore, it is possible that he may have kept his identity more private, for which reason we aren’t able to gather any additional information about him and his family.

Which school and college did Jim Iannazzo go to? What was his major?

We do not have any information regarding the degree he has earned or his early education. As soon as we receive any information regarding his education status, we will update this section.

Jim Iannazzo Net worth, How much does he earn? 

Due to the limited information we have now, we are unable to determine his income and net worth.

We will update this section as soon as we receive any information regarding his income and net worth.

In what relationship does Jim Iannazzo currently reside?

Our current knowledge of his relationship status and marital status is limited due to the limited information we have obtained. We will update this section once we gain access to any information regarding his personal life.

Does Jim Iannazzo have a social media presence?

Due to the less detailed information that we have at the moment, we are not aware of his social media presence.

However, we will update this page if any additional information comes to light about it.

Jim Iannazzo’s Physical Appearance Height, Weight

Height N / A
Weight N / A
Hair Black and grey at side
Eye Colour brown
Body Type Fit
Sexual Orientation Straight

Interesting facts about Jim Iannazzo‘s should be known’s  

Nationality American
Ethnicity white
Zodiac Sign N / A
Net Worth N / A
Single/ In a relationship N / A
Current Spouse N / A
Children’s N / A



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