WAEC Geography Questions and Answers 2021 Verified Essay and Objective Answers

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Geography Questions and Answers 2021,  objective and theory answers (Expo) for West African Examinations Council (May/June) 2021. 

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WAEC Geography Questions and Answers 2021 Objectives Answers LOADING……

Answers inform of pictures..
Total population of country Z = 5,500,000 + 8,000,000 + 6,700,000 + 4,800,000 = 25,000,000
Total Population of country Z = 25,000,000

Total land Area of country Z = 60,000 + 105,000 + 125,000 + 88,000 = 378,000km²

Population density of country Z = Total population/Total Land Area
= 25,000,000/378,000
= 66
Therefore population density of country Z = 66 persons per kilometre square

(i) Increase in birth rate
(ii) Industrialization
(iii) Employment Opportunities
(iv) Presence of social amenities

(i) Large labour; High population density provides large labour for industries
(ii) Large Market; High population is a source of large market for industries
(iii) Effective planning; Large population brings concentration of effective planning so that town, city, can function properly
(iv) Information; There will be quick dissemination of information in the areas where there is high population density either through people, internet or mass Media.


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