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Top 9 Movies of the Twentieth Century


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Top 9 Movies of the Twentieth Century

Cinematography had a profound influence on the entire twentieth century, many pictures served not only as fingerprints of the era, but also formed the views of generations. We have already compiled a global rating of the best movies, but now we will concentrate on works released in the twentieth century. This selection is made of the most significant movies that appeared in the last century – there are sci-fi and action films, and dramas, in short, the tape for every taste. Do you want to choose and watch really good movies? Keep reading this article.

It’s a Wonderful Life (1947)

The most optimistic movie ever made. If you’re in a bad mood, watch it, if you’re bored, watch it, if you’re just bored, watch it. The perfect “pill” for mental anguish is again “It’s a Wonderful Life”. A light, ironic, kind and formalizing alphabetical truths story “for all times”.

Les quatre cents coups (1959)

The most important movie of the New Wave, the tale of the “descent into hell” of the troubled teenager Antoine Duanel. Metaphorical, disturbing, daring and sincere, the film reveals step by step not only the relationship between fathers and children, but also the duel between the individual and society. The effect of the tape is multiplied after the final twist, which reveals the essence of the conflict, and the “frozen” final frame seems to be a real epitaph to the lost battle.

The Matrix (1999)

After all these years, the fantastic “Matrix” is still fresh and unique, like the most renewed sports at  Time doesn’t touch the picture at all – and even the special effects don’t get old. Maniacal attention to details, allegorical language of narration, deafening action, delightful stylistic decision. The list goes on and on, but one thing is clear: this is simply the best sci-fi story ever made, set on Earth.

Shichinin no samurai (1954)

Basic truths seep into the subconscious, the incredible length of the movie is completely out of place – Akira Kurosawa knows how to shift the world, and in this case, we definitely end up in the past. And just live these events along with the brave seven and their charges. The action scenes are unique and the underlying message is timeless.


Pulp Fiction (1994)

A mix of incompatible ingredients, a break with the usual canons and a new cinematic language – this is Quentin Tarantino at the height of his powers. The success of “Pulp Fiction” opened the door to the talent of the author, but we remember it, the very breakthrough, which was ahead of its time. Speaking of which, so what was in the briefcase? Wasn’t it the soul of Marcellus Wallace?

Vertigo (1958)

The major work of Alfred Hitchcock’s career – as is usually the case, not too successful at the box office and ruined by critics at the start. From modern perspective, we see all the director’s pioneering techniques, plunge into the abyss of dreams, and bewilder at the finale. The multidimensionality of the construction is stunning and the perfection of the form is hypnotizing.

The Godfather (1972)

An era, a life, a story – anything but a dream factory. The film approaches direct experience, a profound experience that seems impossible to convey. “The Godfather” cannot simply be “watched.” It can only be “perceived.”

Star Wars (1977)

It is quite possible that before shooting the film, George Lucas flew to Tatooine, from where he brought all the technical gadgets for the realization of the Star Wars plot. The script should have been an absurd B-movie, with cardboard effects and grotesque passions. But a cultural phenomenon came out, a picture-abroad, changing our ideas about cinematography, as well as how far the flight of fancy can go. In 1977, what was going on seemed like an alien invasion.

Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo (1966)

“Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo” is a movie that is not about the Wild West. The characters here appear out of nowhere, blow up a bridge, and then wade across a river with ease, then don’t talk, then speak in parables. The Man with No Name constantly copies what we know about the Archangel Gabriel, and the refraction of biblical notes in the film reaches its apotheosis in the deafening finale, which seems to pierce reality and cross the line of traditional cinema.


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