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[Story] She’ An Escort (Love why Me) EPISODE 4

[Story] She' An Escort (Love why Me)[Story] She' An Escort (Love why Me)
[Story] She' An Escort (Love why Me)
[Story] She’ An Escort (Love why Me)

( love,why me?)
By chidinma jerry.
(Star queen).

We both walked about the forest like lost animals until finally we saw ourselves on the main land…then saw a hotel.

” thank your Gods”I said to her
“I thank the goddess”she replied

We both rushed in and at the end of the day only one room was available.We walked in and i closed the door.

I threw the pink t- shirt at her cos her white sarri was already ruined.

“I am not allowed to wear colours”she said
“Fine” I repiled as I uncovered the white bed cover and used it to cover her from hair to toe then I started laughing.
She uncovered her face and took my hand into her teeth
” hey!!”I shouted
“You are always looking for my trouble”she shouted hitting me.
I carried her up and locked her in the bathroom.
Finally good riddance to bad wroshipper.
“The water God will bring you bad luck”she shouted while knocking on the glass door
“Bull shit”I repiled.

I fell on the bed and heard her cry so I opened the door only for water to land on me
“Hey!!” I took the hand shower and bathed her..she took the other one and showered water on me soon both of us plus the entire house was dripping wet
“You are the worst thing that happened to me ” she shouted while drying her extra long hair
“You too”I replied.
We both sat on the floor,we where too wet to stay on the bed now.
” better don’t come near me”I said
“Am cold”she repiled
“Well you don’t wear colours..all the towel jackets are colourful”I replied
” it’s Fine I don’t even need your help”she shouted and also slapped my chest.
God when will this girl die!!!
I stood up and changed in the shower…

Shreya’s pov

Cold will kill me, staying with the monster indeed hmm.
I sat there and watched him walk out with the phone on his ear minutes later He walked back in and handed me a packet white gown.I took it from him
” should i tell you thank you?”I asked
“No your thank you is bad luck”He said..hmm
I stood up and changed in the shower,it was just too long it covered every single part of my being.I rushed out
“Hey”I said
“I was looking for something decent and i found it”He said
“Whatever”I replied.

Sam’s pov
She is too beautiful to be human.
“Lets go out so the hotel can clean their room”I said
She hurried out and we both walked out.
We sat down at the bar
Being with this crazy woman made me feel less pain from nachari.I met her immediately after the heart break and ever since then I have not had time to miss nachari.
I looked at her and she ALREADY fell asleep with her head on the table I carefully poured water on her hair she stood up and first thing she did was to grab my hand and bite into her teeth again!!
“Hey”I shouted and she ran away..
She’s free to run I Will just leave her and–
Shit!! She’s with the room key

I ran after her and soon we arrived at our room.
It looked dry and better.

I carefully separated the bed with all the pillows there and we both fell in.
Before I could dreame well her leg was on top of me
“Ahhh it was a mistake”she said and dropped the pillow on her face then i placed my head there.
She pushed me down and we started dragging the pillow
Finally she collected 3 and i took 4
We faced the wall and fell asleep⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰ until she made a very fearful gasp and woke up.

“Are you ok”i asked
She started crying and i pulled her Into my arms
“Are you okay?”I said
“I had a bad dream”she said
“What happened in the dream”I asked
” it’s very scary,my future Will be very painful”she said and used the bed cover to cover her thigh.
I hugged her tight and I ran my fingers through her long thick black hair…I was also checking out the amazing length.
“You will be okay” I said.
And finally she slept again..but why won’t your future be Painful when you are so troublesome.

Shreya’s pov.
I woke earlier than samrhat,i can’t believe he stayed awake to comfort me..I won’t look for his trouble again.

I tried looking into his heart spiritually but there are too many thorns and stabs. samrhat has vowed never to love again.
I think love treated him bad before, he’s laughing outside but he’s dying softly.
This love,whenever I finally experience you,please be good to me.
You know I suddenly pity samrhat..I suddenly like him as a person.he hates me, so me staying in their house is really slimming him down.
I need to leave.i sat on the bed and folded my legs together.
“Uhmm samrhat, I want to say something”I said
He woke quickly
“Say it quickly”he said.
“Uhmm Do you hate me?”I asked
“Yes of course,200 percent.”he said.
“So uhmmm should i go?”i asked” Should I leave so you won’t be forced to learn your traditions anymore?”
“Yes please ..can you leave right away?”he said.
“Ok..I will, I just wanted to clarify that.”I said.
He smiled happily ..he really hates Indian traditions.
” will you drop me off at the temple later?”I asked
“Ok why not”he said.

These few days felt different for me,I feel blessed I don’t know how.hours later⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰ samrhat dropped me at the temple

“I will register your mothers prayer and also I will pray for you too, sorry for looking for your trouble all the time. my Grandmother will come for my stuffs.I Wont come to you again,this is where I live”i shouted waving at him.
“Bye…miss crazy”he said
I started laughing sweetly and he drove off.
I walked in humming the ritual song. I carefully did the morning rituals and walked back into my room..I looked around and suddenly started missing samrhats home.dear goddess, i want a home…i lay on my pillow and tears streamed.

Shane’s P.O.v
Yes my name is Shane,i work for Isabel.Isabel is a woman who trains high class prostitutes. I am the man who has been looking at shreya for few months now..I am on investigation and am almost done.this shreya is very pretty and if this contract works I will surely take her first night cos that’s the bargain.
India has the most beautiful girls but it is the poorest country.Isabel knows this that’s why she comes to hunt for beautiful girls in India; beautiful girls from poor homes.
She takes them to Vietnam after lying to them and deceiving them with job opportunities.when she finally takes them to her house she would introduce them to the work and most of them actually give in quickly because of the money involved. once Isabel gets you there is no turning back.
She would deflower those who are virgins herself.
We dont even know what we can use to get shreya because money is not her problem and she is immortal so this temple is her life…plus she has spiritual gifts which Will get stronger after her 20th birthday rituals.
I sent some rich and handsome boys to deceive her with gifts and love confessions so maybe she will defile herself and get sent out of the temple but all the boys failed.
We tried rapping her so she can get sent out of the temple when that was our last option but a snake came out of nowhere. Shes under a strong convenant with the water beings…she can only loose their protection if she deliberately defiles herself.

All the boys isabel sent to confess love to her, she told them that no man can make her leave the temple…and even if a man would; her own man has not come.

In few days her rutual will be completed and she would become a full servant meaning she would die a virgin… she Will became a full worshipper and stay in the temple till she dies.
We need to take shreya away before her 20th birthday but how do we get this girl to leave the temple.

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