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[Story] She’ An Escort (Love why Me) EPISODE 3



[Story] She' An Escort (Love why Me)

[Story] She’ An Escort (Love why Me)

( love,why me?)
By chidinma jerry.
(Star queen).

“What do you both mean? shreya, please drop your bag inside”my grandma said
“No grandmother, am leaving” she shouted and tried runing away but her grandmother dragged her back
” samrhat even if you Wont stay as friends,you can always stay as enemies.”my Grand mother said
” No never” I said and rushed into the house my grandmother rushed in after me and sat with me on my bed
“It’s ok that you won’t marry her , but please I really want you to learn and embrace our Indian traditions.this is my death wish” she said
“Death what? death what?” I asked
“Your sick grandmother is begging you samrhat” she said and kissed my cheek then hugged me.She walked out,well there is nothing I can’t do for grandma..but I will never marry that killer.I walked out and it turns out my grandmother was discussing with her grandma so I eaves- dropped.

” you told me to bring shreya over so she can teach your son some of our Indian traditions,you didn’t tell me about marriage”her own grandmother said.
“I just thought about it, is it wrong?”my grandmother asked.
“Shreya Is a god servant,she belongs in the temple her body is not meant for mortals to enjoy neither is her beauty” her grandmother said.
***beautiful trouble*****
“How old is shreya nuni? am sure she has not been fully given out to service, she can still change her mind”My grandma said
“You are right, the reason why she is serving in the temple is because the temple is her only home. her mother ran away and her father died so I raised her in the temple and the only criteria of being there is serving as a worshipper.
I don’t know what’s going through her mind, but she is serving because she has no other means of survival if not the temple. I dont know but maybe if her mother came back she would drop all this and follow her mother..maybe she wont be immortal anymore” her grandmother said..
” whether her mother comes back or not, she Wont be a worshipper because my son will surely marry her” my grandmother said
**which son? Me? NoO never**
” samrhat should then take her away from the temple in marriage before the 3full moon which is her 20th birthday. If shreya is still in the temple by then, the rituals will be completed and she would never leave the temple till she dies. She will surpress all her desires as a young girl and stay undefiled till her death.” Her grandmother said
” I really like shreya for samrhat nuni”my grandma said
” I already spoke to shreya she would stay and teach your son some traditions” nuni said.

I waited a while then I walked into the living room,shreya smiled like she was a nice person.the white she was wearing was glowing perfectly

“Namaste”she said
” welcome good friend”I replied

My grandmother smiled happily.

” grandmother am late for work,” I said.
“What about the morning rituals?”
“Bullll shiit”I said and walked into my room.

Someone knocked on my door I opened and it was her(shreya)

“It’s time for the morning for the rituals” she said
“Bull —
She already dragged me out of my room and forced me to kneel down at the alter..i used my teeth to bite her hand where she was holding me.
my parents smiled happily as shreya knelt down beside me.

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” close your eye”she said
“Is it by for–
She used her hand to Close my eye.
Oh God..done
I tired standing up then I realised she was holding my shirt tight…I Will kill this girl after this.
“You must stay till this prayer ends”she said.
I knelt back and the prayer was completed.We both stood up.. and she smile as she forced the sweet into my mouth
“May the goddess bless you” she said
“Bull–“she already brought out her fist to hit me”Ahhhh amen already..i hastily rushed out
” Thathaastu!!!!”she shouted.

Shreys pov

What a guy, why won’t he learn our beautiful traditions. no problem, shreya won’t leave this house until he has learnt.

I heard grandmother talking earlier,the truth is I don’t want to die a virgin,I don’t want to die a see I have desires too…I just tammed them…I tammed them because I have to accept my faith.I have past the age where I can stay in the temple for shelter, the stage where I have to decide what I want has come.but I have no other home apart from the temple so I can’t decide to leave I need to become a worshipper so that i can stay there and have a life, grandmother would soon die.
But if I get a good husband ,not this crazy man.I will be happy to leave the temple.
But If my mum returns I Wont follow her,I won’t leave the temple because of her, I rather die in service than follow her…she failed me by dumping me on the streets.

I forgot to tell granny, I noticed a man who was looking weirdly at me. He looked at me with lustfull desire and he would always come to the temple everyday.he would park his car and keep looking at me,I really wonder who he is.
I rushed in and helped sams grandmother prepare some stuffs for the fast. they whole falimy must visit the temple whenever the fast ends.
” grandmother I will do the rest you ” I said
“Thank you shreya.
We worked together.
today no body should eat meat or cooked food in the house if they do that would defile the fast.I have never been in a home before,I feel happy.
Finally samrhat returned at night..I walked towards him but I couldn’t get too close because he was dirty

” welcom my son” grandma said
“Samrhat welcome” his mum said and hugged him
“Welcome Son”his dad said.everybody welcomes him.

his mum did the welcome prayer and i stood beside his grandmother because I couldn’t stand beside samrhat he wasn’t pleasing to my spirit…and the goddess didn’t visit too
” hey samrhat, the goddess is not visiting because of–
He used his handkey to cover my mouth
“Grandmother your son defiled him–“…He carefully tied my mouth wholefully and the whole house looked at us in wonder.
“Samrhart what are you doing?” His mum asked.
“No mom we are just playing,” he said and dragged me away into his room then Locked door.
” hey crazy, must you always talk?” He asked.
“You had sex…hey you?” I said.
” I thought you where a holy virgin,so you know about sex? You even know when a man had sex? Tell me should we have sex?” He said
Holy goddess, he wants to defile me.
” grandmother samrhat said he wants to have– “.. samrhat tied my mouth again..I carefully pulled it out.
“Hey I never said that are not my type.secondly I didnt have sex!!” He said.
” then why is your aura defiled” I asked.
“Because I ate the — how did you know that i defiled the fast?” He asked.
“You weren’t clean when you came in” i said.
” I was very-
“Spiritually” I said.
“Nonsense” he said.
“am telling your grandmother that you ate wrong stuff, bet me!!

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I tried runing away and samrhat caught Me.he tied me to bed holder in with a rope.
“hey!!” I shouted
“Shhhhhh gossiper” he said.
He wrapped the rope around my waist and trapped me there.
“Hey let me go its time for my ritual
“No going are going to stay there with your mouth shut”he said.
“Why do you hate me so much”I said
“Because you are troublesome” He said then fell on his bed and slept off.I stood there until an idea? came and i shouted

” grandmother!!!
“Grand mother!!!

His grandmother knocked and he opened the door

” samrhat what happened,why is she tied over there”his mom asked.
” mom she was dancing and rolled herself on the bed holder” he said

His mum untied me and freed my mouth
” granny it was samrhat that —
I jumped on top of him on the bed and started beating the hell out of him

” shreya sorry..sorry” he said and turbed me over on the bed…with hands across my waist.
I hit him again and be carried me up into his arms..he took me outside and dropped me in the dust bin.

Samrhats pov

Please when will this girl so tired
I opened my door early the next morning and shreya was the first person I saw

” you!! Dropped me in the dust bin!!!” She shouted and i ran into my granny’s room.
“Thank God u are here, please take shreya to the temple so she can register by prayer” my granny said.
“Ok grandmother

I looked At shreya and she stickers out her tongue at me

” miss crazy lets go ..

We both walked into the compound silently.

” better stay in the back sit”I said
” crazy man”she said.
” wife of the water god…bull
shit”I said.
We both dragged the car door open like mad people

I started driving and she suddenly hit me from Behind
” thats for putting me in your bin!!

I tried dragging her hair hair we encounter an accident as we hit into a very big rock

” grandmother am dead..she shouted
” you are dead and you are taking”I said.

We both rushed out and my car couldn’t move again I am finished.

She sat on the main road

” Hey!!! You !!! Are !! The!! Cause !! Of !! All!! This!!”I shouted and chased after her.
she ran away and minutes later we both got lost in the Forrest.

She suddenly held me tight
“Am scared”she said
“better call the water God
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