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So, during the wee hours of yesterday, a 14 year old senior secondary schoolgirl allegedly took a gun to school to shoot her teacher. You are shocked right? I also am as much as you. So, don’t feel bothered, you are not alone.

Now, the said secondary schoolgirl is a 14 year old senior secondary student of one Government Secondary School, Ikot Ewa in Akpabuyo Local Government Area of Cross River State.

Report did reveal that her teacher had told her to cut her hair. Emphasis on ” her hair,” not “her head” and all you might be thinking of unusuality. Cutting ones’ hair when it is due is usual and relatable nau. So, why the gun?

Well, looking at this story. If you are a good reader and a rational observer – which I know you are either or both – you will see that this story “get as e be.” To me, there are more to this than what we see.

Frankly, there are many unanswered questions that need to be answered before any other thing.

Like, how and where did she get the gun? Of course, this will help in the investigation. Yes, please. It will help identify the brain behind her actions. The secondary schoolgirl is just 14, remember.

How did she initiate this thought? She has friends right? She is not alone on this. Get her friends involved as well. Arrest them, they are accomplice.

What exactly did the school teacher did to her? I can never exonerate her not until the law says otherwise. So, do not even think I am praising her prowess, and whatnot. These are mere harmless thoughts, you know.

I know you might be imagining how big this said secondary schoolgirl is. Like, her ‘cabal.’ Expectedly, her pictures is attached in this article. You can see and find out by yourself below.


The secondary schoolgirl with the gun she intended shooting her teacher with
The secondary schoolgirl with the gun she intended shooting her teacher with

The secondary schoolgirl in the midst of the security agencies

The secondary schoolgirl in the school authorities’ office
The secondary schoolgirl in the school authorities’ office

Do you agree this secondary schoolgirl is normal. Don’t you think something is not right here? I mean, don’t you feel she might be mentally unstable? She is just 14 years, you know.

Also, she is a girl. So, imagine a girl at her age in your neighborhood doing this, and you will feel there are more to this story. This is just a senior secondary student at 14. So, she is probably in SSS1 or SSS2.

Well, just as you are caressing your mind with these thought provoking questions I threw at you.

I want you to also know that she has been arrested. Yes, please. She was arrested during the noon hours of Wednesday by men of the security agencies. You can see some security personnel with the secondary schoolgirl in the pictures.

What do you think about this story? Do you think the secondary schoolgirl is mentally unstable or spiritually possessed? Do you think the teacher deserves this? What do you think? Tell me about it in the comments section…