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MUST READ:Coronavirus might be the end of the world

by Oyedele

MUST READ:Coronavirus might be the end of the world

Scientists and Philosophers have predicted that our world might likely come to an end some day. here are some of the predictions of the things that can bring about an end to the world:

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can destroy the world as computers tend to learn more on their own, a time might reach when they turn against humidity and decide to wipe it out like we have seen in movies.

2. Major Asteroid impact

Asteroids are small rocks which fly in the solar system. according to science, if a big asteroid strikes the surface of the earth, the greater part of the earth might get destroyed.

3. Nuclear Attack

Albert Rinstein predicted that the fourth world war will be fought with stones and sticks because a lot of countries will use nuclear weapons during third world war and we all know how lethal nuclear weapons can be.

4. Catastrophic Climate Change

we all know how unbearable heat is now because of global warming. if this continue to increase, a lot of creatures will not sustain it

5. Disease Outbreak

A very deadly disease could bring about the end of the world as this according to some archaeologist happened millions of years ago which brought about extinction of some extinct animals like Dinosaurs, Mammoth etc.

Corona virus is so deadly as the world is fighting and avoiding it.

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