(Must Read) Oyakhilome knocks Christian leaders for supporting church closure


(Must Read) Oyakhilome knocks Christian leaders for supporting church closure

The President of the LoveWorld Incorporated , aka Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome , has berated some church leaders for agreeing to shut down their churches without asking government for time to pray and consult with their congregation .
He said such leaders were not true Christians and it was the reason the country did not “ see the hand of God . ”
Oyakhilome also questioned why COVID – 19 patients were shut out from churches, saying the House of God should be a place of healing .
The revered cleric , who spoke in a telecast to his members , said the government would soon begin to classify churches based on their compliance with directives on the COVID – 19 pandemic.
He said while some would be tagged COVID – 19 compliant churches, others would be stigmatised for not abiding by the rules .
“ COVID – 19 compliant churches will mean churches that people who are infected with COVID -19 cannot come there . Is the church of Jesus Christ not a place of healing ? So , those of you who love to run around government officials to get your validation, come and get COVID -19 compliant registration for your church . That is the last day Jesus will be in that church .
“ In different cities , ministers of God gathered together and shut down the congregations of the Lord . How many said , let us pray; give us time to pray? They consulted you ; they consulted you in different nations and states . How many of you said , let us pray ?
“ Because they said there would be compensation for the period of the lockdown . What compensation can be enough to replace the praise and worship of the congregation ? I hope you have enjoyed the time so far , only you in the cathedral did online transmission. Hope you enjoyed it so far ? But thank you very much for what you did to the House of God . ”
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Oyakhilome , who told his congregation he had a lot to tell them , said churches would soon be asked to set up testing centres because people would not be going for testing .
He also queried the motives for the planned vaccination against the pandemic .
“ What they are using to test, do you know what it is? Do you know why it can show positive and negative ? Do you know ? A virus they told us they are still studying, why don ’ t they study it first ? They are still studying it and they already have a vaccine that could be ready in July for a virus they are still studying, ” the pastor said .

(Must Read) Oyakhilome knocks Christian leaders for supporting church closure

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