LeeAnn Kreischer is an American actress, writer, and podcaster. She is the wife of stand-up comedian, reality television host, and actor Bert Kreischer. LeeAnn grew up in a small town in Georgia and met Kreischer when she was almost 30 years old. At the time, she was working as a writer. She initially did not think that their relationship would go anywhere. However, after they spent considerable time together for the first time, she was genuinely interested in him. They began dating soon after. In December 2003, they exchanged wedding vows. They presently reside in Los Angeles, California, along with their two daughters. She has the dubious honour of being one of the most frequent subjects of her husband’s comedic routines. She has made multiple appearances on his podcast, Bercast. She herself hosts a podcast called ‘Wife of the Party’ from her husband’s “man cave” in their house.

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LeeAnn Kreischer was born LeeAnn Kemp on August 19, 1971, in Bowdon, Georgia. It is a small town located in Caroll County and had a population of 2,040 when the 2011 census was conducted. Little is known about her immediate family and childhood.

At some point, LeeAnn relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her aspiration of becoming a writer in Hollywood. In 2002, she served as one of the writers on the teen comedy ‘My Biggest Fan’. Starring the members of the band Dream Street, the film revolves around teen heartthrob Chris Trousdale (playing himself), who gets into a situation where he has to hide in the house of his biggest fan. Trousdale was featured prominently in the film, while the other members of the band appear in the beginning and end of the film.
Besides LeeAnn, the writing team for the film included Michael Criscione, Michael Meyer, and Liz Sinclair. The filming was completed in 2002 but the movie could not be released as there was a dispute between the producers and parents of the boys. Dream Street broke up in 2002. Between late 2002 and early 2003, Trousdale did a lot of promotional work for the film during his concerts. ‘My Biggest Fan’ was released on May 18, 2005.
LeeAnn made her first and last appearance as an actress in the short film ‘Destiny Stalled’ (2000), portraying a nurse.
At present, she hosts her podcast, ‘Wife of the Party’. The title refers to Kreischer’s reputation as a partier, which he garnered during his college years. He attended the Florida State University, which topped The Princeton Review’s annual list of the top “party schools” in the United States. Later that year, Rolling Stone published a six-page article on him, dubbing him the “the top partier at the Number One Party School in the country”. The 2002 comedy film, ‘National Lampoon’s Van Wilder’, was based on his exploits as an undergraduate.
While a significant portion of her husband’s comedy revolves around her, LeeAnn can entertain the audience on her own. She uses her husband’s “man cave” for her podcast and hosts some of the closest people to the family, such as friends and relatives, on it. They speak about a variety of things, from family, marriage, and kids to the big events dominating the news. In a January 2018 episode, she had Kreischer on the podcast. They spoke about one of the biggest matters circulating in the media at the time, the #MeToo movement and Aziz Ansari’s scandal. They also conversed on Kreischer’s friend Ari Shaffir, whose Twitter account was suspended after he threatened Kreischer. In the podcast, Kreischer defended his friend, stating that it was simply a friendly banter between two comedians.