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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 14



JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 14

By Zeemah writes


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🌹Liam’s POV🌹


Tam isn’t back yet and she didn’t call to say anything.
I’ve tried calling her but she’s not picking up!
I’ve tried calling Bryan too … Same thing!
Its getting late and I’m so worried.

“Mum would you give Mrs Shaw a call?” I asked.
“Okay” She said and picked her phone from the table.
I quickly climbed the stairs to my room, picked a jacket and brushed my hair.
I selected a pair of blue footwear,threw my phone into my pocket and headed back to the living room.

I met mum dropping the call.

“Mum what did she say?” I asked.
“She said Bryan isn’t home also” Mum said worriedly.
“Don’t worry mum…I’m going to their school now,i will give you a call if i find them there” I said and pecked her both cheeks.

I walked outside and saw James by the gate…he was about locking it.

“Don’t lock it James…I’m going out now” I said.
I walked outside the gate and waved an upcoming cab to a stop.
It did and i got in.
“Makers high school” I said and breathed.
“Okay” the cab man said and drove off.

I should have just gone with my car but i just don’t like driving and Max isn’t gonna drive for a week or two.

I brought out my phone and tried calling Mara again..
Now it’s unavailable!
I alighted from the cab after paying.
I adjusted my Jacket and knocked the gate gently.

It opened to reveal the gate keeper.
“Good afternoon” I greeted.
“Good afternoon…whom do you ask of?” He asked.
“Mhmm…my siblings” I said.
“Name?” He asked.
“Tamara Weston and Bryan Shaw”
“Ohh… okay,they are in school. You can come in” He said and paved way for me.
I breathed in relief and entered.

“Go through that hallway,you are gonna see a door with “grade 8″ ”
“Alright thanks” I said and followed his direction.
I brought out my phone and placed a call to mum.
I need to tell her Immediately that they are school cause she’s more worried than i am.

📞Hi mum


📞Mum they are in school.

📞 Thank goodness,I’m gonna inform Mrs Shaw now.

📞 Alright Mum..bye.

I sighted the door with grade 8 and walked closer to it.
I pulled it open and walked in.

There was no one in the class except Ellen who has her head bent over something..
Phone…I guess..but i called her and she wasn’t picking up.
Was she ignoring my calls?

“Ellen” I called and she glanced up.
She seemed surprised to see me.
“Liam…what are you doing here?” She asked.
“Where’s Tam and Bryan?” I asked.
“Uhh…they are in the school’s detention” She said.
“Really?” I asked with surprise.
“Yeah” she said.
“Okay” I said.

“Ellen i called you more than twice to ask about Tam and Bryan but you weren’t picking up and your phone is right in your hand”
“Really?…I guess it was when i went to use the restroom” She lied and i smiled.

“I don’t care about the dispute between you and Tam but please anytime i call you, pick it up…you have no idea what i might want to tell you” I said and sat on a desk.

“Don’t you wanna know the reason why they are in detention?” She asked with a smile.
“I’m gonna ask Tam once she’s out” I said.
“Well…I’m gonna tell you,Mara fought with Jessie and the Jessie smashed her iPhone into pieces, Jessie’s parents came to school to report them but Bryan and Kelly who is our new friend were being rude to Jessie’s parents…Mr Allen punished them by giving them detention for a whole week” She said.

“What!” I exclaimed.

“You mean the iPhone i recently bought for Tam was broken by Jessie?” I asked.
“That’s a lie…I was with Tam’s iPhone yesterday” I said.
She laughed…”well i don’t know how she got a new one to fool you but you are gonna confirm once they are out”

Is Ellen in her right senses?…
I guess not!
I was with Tam’s iPhone yesterday and it’s perfectly fine..
No scratches or anything.

My mind suddenly flashed back to when i asked Tam for her phone..she said she and Ellen exchanged it for the night.
I asked her to show me Ellen’s phone but Mum came in at that moment and i totally forgot about the phone.

“Wait…Ellen do you by any chance exchange phone with Tam for a night?” I asked.
“No i didn’t,we haven’t exchanged phone in this term!…I guess that was what she used to fool you” Ellen said and turned back to her phone.

I don’t believe her yet but if by any chance it’s true, Jessie should be prepared for the worst,there is a familiar sign on the iPhone i bought for her.

The classroom door opened and i stood up thinking it’s Tam and co but i was wrong..

The school prefect came in.

“Hi” she said.
“Hi” I sat down.
“I was told Tamara Weston and Bryan Shaw’s brother is here” She said suddenly adjusting her hair.
I smiled….she’s not my type!

“They will soon be out,Tamara and Jessie ran off and got their time delayed so Mr Allen added 2 hours to their stay in the detention…it’s just remaining an hour,they will be out soon” She said smiling.
I nodded, ignoring the signals she’s sending my way.

🦋An hour later🦋

I watched as Tam,Bryan, Jessie and some other guy walked into the class.

🌹Mara’s POV🌹

“Liam” I said in surprise.
“Bro” Bryan said.
I didn’t tell them I got detention at school..
He was probably worried and came to search for me.
Sweet bro🤗

He stood up and walked towards us..
I noticed his face isn’t bright.
“Tam let me see your iPhone” He suddenly said and i froze.
I looked from Bryan to Ellen who grinned.
I’m very sure she told him something.

“Let me have your iPhone!” He yelled.
Damn! Liam rarely yell at me.
“It.. it’s in my backpack” I stuttered.
“Go get it” He said and i walked slowly to my desk.

I unzipped my backpack and brought out my iPhone.
I head back to Liam and handed the phone to him.

He took it and checked the back.
He turned to me and i could see how hard he’s gritting hit teeth.
He’s so pissed! He has found out about this isn’t the one he bought for me.

“Tam this isn’t the iPhone i bought for you” He yelled making me shift back a little.
“” I stuttered and started crying.
I saw his expression softened a bit.
He hates seeing me cry..

“What happened to the iPhone i bought for you?” He asked more calmly.
“She smashed it on the wall and it shattered into pieces” I said and cleaned my tears pointing to Jessie.

Liam turned to her and she quickly shift back in fear.
“I’m sorry” She stammered.
“I don’t hit girls but let me use this to sound as a warning to you..if you ever and ever hurt my sister or anything close to her…I’ll make sure you wear your teeth around your neck like a necklace” Liam yelled at her.

He turned back to me…

“Tam why did you lied to me?” He asked.
“Liam I’m sorry” I cried.
“Who got the phone for you?” He asked.
I sniffed and looked at Bryan,he seemed a little bit afraid.
He has never seen Liam in this mood.

“Bryan did?” Liam asked.
I nodded.
“Thanks b” He said and Bryan looked up in surprise..
He was thinking Liam would probably yell at him.

“Bryan!” Ellen suddenly yelled making everyone turn to her.

Damn! Is this girl crazy..

“You mean you bought an iPhone for Mara?” She asked in anger.
“Yes i did” Bryan said.
“Hey! What’s wrong with Bryan buying an iPhone for Tam.. aren’t you all friends!” Liam said.
“I swear down! Bryan you are gonna get another iPhone for me…I’m gonna dash this out soon” Ellen said.

“It’s so obvious you are going crazy” The prefect said.
Ellen hissed.
“Ellen,if you dash that iPhone out..Im not gonna get a new one for you” Bryan said.
“Didn’t you get one for Mara?” She asked.
“I got her one cause she was helpless,that was the only available option then! I swear down! If you dash out your iPhone you can as well consider yourself phone less” Bryan said.

“Tam..go pick your backpack” Liam said to me.
I walked to my desk and picked my backpack.
I hung it over my shoulders and headed back to Liam.

He took my hand and we left the classroom.


We both alighted from the cab in front of our house.
We walked to the gate and Liam knocked.
“Liam…I’m sorry” I said but he didn’t reply me.

Why isn’t he talking to me!
I understand he’s pissed at me for lieing to him.
He hates lies!
He trusted me enough to tell him everything but i broke that trust!

“Liam I’m sorry” I said again but he didn’t respond.
James opened the gate and we both walked in.
We entered the living room.
I met Mum sitting on the couch,she smiled on seeing us.

I rushed to hug her…
I saw Liam climb the stairs to his room.

“Liam” I called but he didn’t respond.
I sat on the couch beside mum and started crying.

“What’s wrong?” Mum asked…
“Liam won’t talk to me again” I cried.
“He won’t talk to you again? Why?” She asked.

I sat up and began explaining everything to Mum, starting from the moment Liam bought the phone for me.


“Wow…how could you hide such thing from me” Mum said when i finished my narration.
“I’m sorry Mum” I said.
“Of course I’m not pissed about that but Liam is…so go into his room now and beg him”
“He’s not gonna answer me”
“He will…just go”
“Are you sure mum?”
“Yes i am”

I stood up and dropped my backpack on the couch.
I looked at Mum and she assured me to go.

I climbed the stairs and got to his room.
I knocked but didn’t get a response..
I knocked again…same thing!

I pulled the door open and stepped in.
I met him on the bed facing upward, staring at the ceiling.
I cleared my throat and sat beside him on the bed.
He didn’t look away from the ceiling nor did he acknowledge my presence.

“Liam,I’m sorry…I know you’re pissed at me and this was what i was trying to avoid in the first place…I’m so sorry Liam” I said and took his hand in mine.
“It’s okay” He said.
“It’s not okay Liam…you are still pissed at me”
“Like seriously…it’s fine Tam” he said and looked at me.

“No it’s not are still pissed at me” I said.
“I’m not pissed at you anymore…I’m just disappointed…I thought you don’t keep anything from me” He said.

I started crying again…Liam doesn’t trust me anymore..

“I’m sorry Liam…I know how you pissed you would have been if i had told you that the iPhone you recently bought for me has been destroyed”
I smiled amidst tears when he pulled me into a hug.

“Fatty Tam Tam” He sang funnily to my ears.
I laughed happily…he’s not pissed at me anymore💃

“It’s okay Tam,i understand…I’m sorry for making you cry and i still trust you 100% I’m not disappointed in you a bit” He said and pecked my cheeks.
“Yes fatty Tam” he said,now sounding like the Liam i know.

I hugged him tightly…

“Tam you are suffocating me” He said.
I laughed “yeah.. that’s for making me cry”
He laughed and kissed my hair…

“I’m starving” he said holding his stomach.
I sent him a one sided look already knowing what he’s trying to say.
“So what should i do?” I asked.
“I was running about searching for you guys,i almost got knocked over by a car,i was wai…”
“It’s okay.. it’s okay…what do you want me to make for you?” I asked.
He smiled widely…Ahhh! Food monger!

“Pasta with chicken” He said.
“Don’t you ever get tired of that?” I asked.
“You know it’s my best food” He smiled.
“Now you are gonna make everyone have that for lunch” I said.
“Yeah…we are gonna change lunch tomorrow… quickly go to the kitchen..I’m starving” He said and brought out my phone from his pocket.

I smiled..
“Bryan is a darling” He said.
“Yeah…my darling to be precise” I gasped realising i said that aloud.
Liam winked at me, i blushed and quickly walked out of his room.
I heard his laughter..

Naughty Liam🙈

I walked into my room with smiles.
I picked up my teddy bear and throw it up happily..

“🎼Liam has forgiven me.

🎼Liam has forgiven me

🎼 Liam has forgiven me”

I sang happily.

I placed my teddy bear back on the table and started undressing.
I picked my body towel and ran naked into the bathroom.
I placed the towel on the cabinet and picked my shower cap.

I wore it over my hair and got under the shower,i turned on the faucet and shivered as the cold water hit my body.


I pulled on a pink cardigan with tiny pearl buttons and black polyster pants.
I combed my hair and packed it in a bun.
I don’t feel like applying body lotion so i let it be.

I adjusted the pink ribbons on my slippers before slipping my feet into it.
I hopped out of my room humming “Till i met you”..

I got to the living room and met mum watching a kdrama.

“Mum he forgave me” i said.
“I know he would,he isn’t as stubborn as you” She said and i shot her a playful glare.
She laughed.
“I’m going to make lunch” I said and she nodded.
She continued with her kdrama while i headed to the kitchen.
I washed my hands in the sink after putting on my apron and cap.

I dried my hands and proceeded to start cooking.

🌹Bryan’s POV🌹

I sat in my room, sketching Liam.
I’m gonna take it to their house once I’m done.
Liam is probably not happy with me,i need to use this to pacify him.

I hope he’s gonna like it…Mara once told me he loves kdrama and his favorite actor is Lee min ho.
So I’m sketching a picture of him sitting opposite Lee min ho.

I googled the best picture of Lee min ho and saved it on my phone..i placed my phone beside me and looked from it to my sketching pad…I sketched the exact picture of Lee Min ho.
I’m done with his part so I started with Liam’s.


I was done with everything in an hour.
I felt so proud of myself when i looked at my drawing..
So perfect! Without flaws..

Lee min ho is sitting opposite Liam,they smiled at each other with a glass cup of wine in their hands.
I made the background to be korea-like … So it looked so real.
This drawing is just so beautiful..

I stood up…i don’t want to take forever in admiring a piece of work.
I grabbed a black sweatshirt from the wardrobe and quickly pulled it on.

I wore a black footwear, pulled a face cap over my ruffled hair.
I picked the drawing and put it inside a covered board.

I walked out of my room and descended the stairs into the living room.
I met Kim watching a movie.

“Where’s Mum and dad?” I asked.
“They are in the room” She said.
“Okay..I’m off to Mara’s house” I said.
“Alright Bye”

I got outside and Rollins quickly went to open the car.
“No I’m gonna board a cab” I said to him.
He smiled and nodded.

Fort opened the gate and i stepped out.
It took few minutes for me to finally board a cab.
“Lington estate phase 3” I said.


I alighted in front of Mara’s house.
I paid the cab man in cash and he drove off.

I knocked on the gate,it took a while for James to come open it.
“Hi James” I said and walked in.
“How are you Bryan?” He asked.
“I’m fine” I said and walked to the door.
I opened it and stepped into the living room.

I met Liam and mum watching a kdrama.
“Good afternoon Mum” I greeted.
“Ohh..Bryan,you are are you?” She asked.
“I’m fine mum…hi Liam” I said.
He waved to me with a smile.

“Mara is in the kitchen” Mum said.
“Okay…I will go join her” I said and walked to the kitchen.
I entered and saw Mara washing some utensils at the sink.
Her back is to me.
I perceived the aroma of pasta and fried chicken and that was when i realised I’m starving.

She turned back and flinched on seeing me.
I laughed.

🌹Mara’s POV🌹

I’m done with cooking and was washing some stained utensils at the sink when i felt Bryan’s presence.
My heart do speed faster whenever he’s around and now it’s happening.

I turned and flinched on seeing him.
He laughed and i smiled..

“Bryan what are you doing here?” I asked in surprise even though I’m feeling damn happy he’s here.
He stretched his sketching board to me..
Ohh…I didn’t realise he was holding that.

I collected it from him….”is this another drawing for me?” I asked..
He shook his head.
I felt a bit disappointed and brought out the drawing.

My mouth went agape when i saw the drawing..
Lee min ho and Liam!
It’s so perfect!

“ Bryan you drew this?” I asked in surprise,even though i know what Bryan is capable of but this is just too beautiful.
He nodded.
“Liam is pissed with me so i thought of using this to pacify know you once told me he loves kdrama and his favorite actor is Lee min ho so that was what i followed” He said and i felt like pulling him into a hug even though the drawing is not for me.

“It’s so beautiful…Liam is gonna love it..Liam!” I screamed.
“Mum pause the movie…I will be right back” I heard Liam said.

I smiled when he entered the kitchen.
“Liam look at this!” I said and stretched the drawing to him.
He collected it and looked at it..
His mouth fell open.

“ asked in disbelief.
Bryan nodded.
He was surprised when Liam suddenly pulled him into a hug.
“Wow… thanks B,this is Lee min fav! I know it’s just a drawing but damn! It’s looking so real” Liam said.

“I’m so glad you like it” Bryan smiled.
“I don’t like it…I love it totally” Liam said looking at the drawing over and over again.
“So i hope you’ve forgiven me now?” Bryan asked.
“Of course yes…I forgive you and everyone close to you” Liam said and we laughed.

“Thanks so much B,i will forever cherish this piece of drawing..I can’t believe I’m sitting with Lee min ho..Mehn! I love this” Liam said making us laugh again.

“Mum needs to see this” Liam said and ran out of the kitchen…
“Wow … I’m so glad he has forgiven me” Bryan said.
“Thanks Bryan” I said.
“For what?” He asked.
“For making my brother happy” I said.
“It’s nothing..he deserve it so what should i help you with?” He asked and i smiled.

“Continue with the utensils in the sink while i dish out lunch” I said.
“Okay chef Mara” He said with a bow making me laugh.

Bryan…I so much love you😍


Bryan finished washing the utensils at the same time i finished dishing out lunch in the dining..
He came and stood beside me at the dining.
“It looks yummy” He said and i smiled..

“Wait till you have a taste then you will know it taste yummier” I said and we laughed.

“Kdrama lovers…lunch is ready!” I shouted.
“US drama lover,we are coming” They shouted back.

My cheeks were starting to ache from laughter.


[Story] She’ An Escort (Love why Me) EPISODE 12




[Story] She' An Escort (Love why Me)

[Story] She’ An Escort (Love why Me)

( love,why me?)
By chidinma jerry.
(Star queen).
I heard my name,it was Sam’s voice.I hastily removed the leaf from my mouth and threw it in the water.
“SHREYA? Is that you?”he said
“Yes its me sam”I said and turned he rushed and hugged me.
“Baby am sorry for all they said to you,it Wont stop me from loving you,our first ritual is tommorow shreya,you will wear red and you will be my wife.”he said
“I will wear red?”i asked
“Yes shreya,red sari,red vermilion,red colours.our wedding fell into the festivals of colour and I Sam I will celebrate you with the colour red.” He said and i hugged him.
“What if your mum doesn’t let me in?”she asked.
“Mother already chose to disown me and I agreed to leave so she and grandmother are like guests at our wedding not my family.our secret is safe they Wont say anything”he said
“Are u sure?”.
“Yes I threatened to kill myself if they do”..
“Sam what about the priestess..what if she exposes me in the crowd, I won’t be able to handle that”she said.
“The goddesss is on your side shreya ..the priestess might be your nuni”he said.
I nodded and secretly plucked another leaf. if the priestess tries to embarrass me I Will eat it and die..I promise.
We both headed home.
Sam’s pov
Early the next morning I walked shreya into our family and preparations started.
My mother didnt talk to me she really disowned me.
My grandmother used her veil to cover her face.
Our big hall was fully decorated
Today is the second day into the festival of colours so a lot if coloured sindoor filled the hall..mostly red to adorn the bride.
I saw the red sari which my dad bought for shreya..some girls came and dragged shreya away.
She was so happy when she saw her red cloth.
I walked in with my brother to dress up.
I walked into the hall and it was so full.
It was already filled up.
People adorned themselves with colours.
Married women applied a little red vermilion on their fore Head.
They where moving colors in barrows like sand.
There where a lot of colours..
Oh Aphrodite.
Soon everything was set and I sat waiting for my shreya.
I couldn’t wait to see her in red.
Just then the bell rang to announce that the priestess who was coming.
She wore white and held a staff.her hair was white,i hope she is not a seer.
I pray she blesses this union
I got scared for shreya
I saw that leaf she plucked out.
” the goddess is here in fullness,bring out the bride”the woman said
I looked at the idol of the goddess, beautifully molded. all I could say was thank you.
SHREYA walked out wearing red.
She looked so beautiful so pretty I smiled.
People admired her loudly.
The woman looked at her for a while and suddenly looked up.
Her followers too looked up in silence
Before I could relate,two of her followers took shreya back inside.
Everyone was confused
I was confused
I looked At my mum and my grandmother.
In few minutes they brought her out and she was dressed in black.
She was crying.
I tried going to her but Ely held me tight.
“Sam you Wil kill yourself..don’t involve with them they are not mortals”he said.
I couldn’t stop my tears as I watched shreya cry.
” SHREYA can never wear colours.
She would never wear red on her forehead as a bride.
She would never wear red on her body as a bride.
She can’t be wedded on such a holy day.
She can’t ever be wedded on any other day.
She too knows this truth… she shouldn’t have come back here.”The woman said.
“According to the temple traditions, a worshipper above the age of 18 can only leave the temple as a bride or follow a family member.
Shreya here let a man defile her just few hours to her main ritual as a life worshipper. .without wedding vows.
According to the tradition, a girl who does that must pray in the river for 30 days and 40 nights..No food no water until she has been cleaned and forgiven.
But shreya didn’t beg for forgiveness for one day instead she travelled to Vietnam and lived a dirty life.
She lost her self respect every day.
She was caught up in a deep sin
Even the goddess finds her dirty she can never be adorned with colours.
Shreya’s tears dropped.
” since shreya was never married and never followed a family member she still belongs in the temple.She will fast for 50 days in the water and when she is clean she shall return to the temple not as a worshipper but as a worker and she shall die there.
The colour red shall never touch her
No colour shall touch her
She wore white before now she shall wear black.
She has been cursed.
Take her to the river”the woman shouted.
I watched shreya open her Palm and the leaf was there.
I rushed her but people held me.
Shreya deeped the leaf into her mouth and it started raining.
everybody in the hall started murmuring and making Noise
“Who are you to not forgive shreya when the goddess herself grants her mercy”an old woman shouted and shreya vomited the leaf.
SHREYA stood up and walked towards the idol of the Indian goddess…it was crying blood.
People where shocked..
Worshippers started praying.
Shreya fell to the floor in tears ….
“Mom!!!”shreya whispered in her tears.
Before she could complete her statement.
The red sindoor which was in a plate above shreya fell down and poured on her hair.
SHREYA laughed in tears.
Next my mom took a handful of red colour and poured on shreya.. She kissed her and hugged her.
SHREYA looked at me in tears.
My grandmother carried a full cup and poured on shreya,shreya started laughing.
“Bless you my child”she said and hugged shreya.
My father poured a hand full on shreya he hugged her.
Her nuni and my brother landed a basin of red colour on her. SHREYA laughed and I just watched her like a movie.
Someone poured red on her from behind,she turned and it was her nuni and one other woman.SHREYA looked in her face and shouted
“Mom!!!” She hugged her and the woman poured red on her.
My crazy friends poured red paint on her she laughed.
Soon her black gown was red.
Visitors started pouring red on her.
I walked towards her and took a handful of red vermilion.
I poured it on her fore head.
I didn’t remove my hand from her head rather I used that opportunity to tell her what I wanted.
” SHREYA..I will love you till I die,i will never leave you,i will take you as my God..I swear on you” I said.
Her maam priya poured red on her from behind.
“SHREYA…I finally believe in love because of you.” She said and hugged her.
SHREYA was taken away then she changed into a red sarri
The wedding ritual was completed.
I am so happy I couldn’t help but sing in my mind.
oh mother oh mother Aphrodite
oh mother oh mother Aphrodite
I was welcomed by Sam’s a new bride.
I deeped my leg into the red paint and everybody clapped.
My face was fully covered
My hand was adorned.
My jeweleries where heavy.
I cant wait for Sam to remove all this.
I traced my leg into the house and the trAces of my feet was sparking red on the floor.
I walked into Sam’s room where I sat.
my future is dark make it bright
Shall i not wear red, but red is yours
Oh mother oh mother I came back
Will you really keep quiet oh Aphrodite
I couldn’t help but sing.
Sam walked in and opened my face
“Hey,we did it”he said
I smiled.
He removed all the heavy jeweleries and dropped them on bed.
“My goddess”he said to me as he finally removed by cloths one by one.
I smiled happily.
SHREYA do u remember the first few days when we met
He asked and we both laughed.
The end.

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[Story] She’ An Escort (Love why Me) EPISODE 11




[Story] She' An Escort (Love why Me)

[Story] She’ An Escort (Love why Me)

( love,why me?)
By chidinma jerry.
(Star queen).

I used my eye to tell Ely what I wanted to tell him and of course he understood

“SHREYA right,what a coincidence”he said and hugged her tight.
SHREYA smiled
“Where did you meet her?”my dad asked.
“Hahaha I once had a fight with her at a supermarket from there we become friends”he said.
My dad nodded.

My mom, cousin and grandmother dragged shreya away.
My brother dragged me into his room and locked the door.

” Sam what are you doing,you know she’s an escort and you want to marry her?”he said
“I love her but I … I just have one question. Uhmm shreya,did you sleep with her?”i asked
“I didn’t,i almost did. It was when Jennie cheated on me so I went out and bought her for the night.she was so much fun we spent time talking and talking we forgot to even have sex..she’s a great girl but Sam… this place is too spiritual. You don’t know how embarrassed shreya will be if the truth comes out.even the priestess who Is supposed to bless your marriage;what if she foresees it..are you really ready for this?”he asked.
” I didn’t meet shreya an escort I was the one who defiled her ely.I love her so much and I decided that I will marry her.. no matter what”I said and he hugged me.

I felt someone at the door and I hastily opened up it was my God why

“Mom” I said
She angrily walked out so I rushed her
“Mom please don’t tell anybody what you heard..I love shreya”I said
“Sam a prostitute is a prostitute..seems the english word ‘escort’ is confusing you..Why do you want to ruin our reputation?”she asked

“Mom no one knows,I know and I love her that way. if you love me mother please you need to accept shreya”I said

“My son will not end up with a useless you know how many men she has been with? Sam! are you even thinking? do you think you will be able to trust shreya?
what will your daughter grow to be? think Sam think”she shouted
“Mom please I beg you,if you fail me I will never forgive’s my mistake I want to make it..don’t tell anyone about this ..just keep quiet,after the wedding ritual I will take her away.this is my cross to carry”I said.

She ran out

Shreya’s pov

Thank God I didn’t sleep with Ely.Am so scared.
Now Sam already told his grandma about our wedding.
She already fixed the date.
I miss my nuni,but am scared to visit the temple.

Sam’s mother walked in

“Oh mom”I said.
“Dont call me that,shreya if you love samrhat you need to leave him”she said
“Mum!”I said.
“Dont call Me mum,its a curse If you call me mum.” She said.
My tears fell like water.
I felt a blow to my heart.

“If you love yourself you need to leave Sam.What do you want from my son?
Do you even have a womb after all those pills and nonsense?
Are you still good enough to give my son the satisfaction and pleasure he deserves which he should be getting from an undefiled traditional Indian maiden.

You lost your self respect
You are a taboo shreya
You broke the tradition twice.first you got defiled before your wedding night now u are an escort..I curse the day my son met you shreya.
What will you give birth to? Tell me”she shouted.

“Mother…its still Me,me shreya” I said.

“You are a prostitute,you failed as a woman shreya. from a worshipper to a prostitute you cursed can never wear the red colour shreya and you won’t wear it in my house.
Only a blind priestess can bless your union to a man because I know the goddess has forsaken you.even the goddess can’t accept you” she said and walked out.she opened the door and I was shocked to see grandmother.

The old woman couldn’t even look at me.
she used her veil to cover her face and eye.
I started crying.
“Grandmother”I said.
“I need to wash my face for I just met and unpleasant sight…cursed be the day I brought you into my home shreya”She said
She said and rushed out.

Sam I told you love is not enough
Why DiD you bring me here.
Am going..I am going out I can’t stay here.they all hate me.
I will visit my nuni at the temple and leave from there.
Am sorry Sam

I snuck out from the window
and returned to the temple.
.I waited outside for my nuni for hours but no sign of her

I tried walking in but all the temple lights and flames went off so I came back out and the lights came on.
even the goddess is rejecting me.

I sat outside crying,all I could remember was my good old days.
I sat facing the atonement stone in front of the temple I wrapped my hands around the rock in pain.

“I came back,why won’t you forgive me mom”I said in tears

Right from when I was 3 I was introduced to worshiping you..

When I was five I drowned while trying to worship you.

From 10 slept in the water with you
From 14 I worshiped you morning and night.

it is painful that you are watching my life get riuned.

Was I so wrong that you can’t help me.
I devoted my time and my all to you.
Every day I did every ritual to make you happy but you why are you so wicked?

I ran into the water.

“I agree that I was to be your bride water God but why didn’t you become a mortal and marry me.
How dare you punish me

I knelt down in the water.

When I asked for rain it rains
When i asked for storm it stormed.
But when I asked for you I see your shadows,are not human so how will shreya marry you water God.

I was not fully a worshipper yet when I let a man defile me.

I was still in training,i was not fully your wife.

If i ran away after my final ritual as a worshipper then you are right to forsake me but if I left as a trainee then you are fool for punishing me.

Judge me but judge me rightly.
Have mercy upon me ,All I want Is Sam.

I sat down in the water and cried my heart out.
I stayed there till morning came
I had to leave before people see me.
But where do I go to?
I feel so cold.

I walked down and soon I arrived at that spot where Sam defiled me.
I saw a poisonous leaf and plucked it.
I want to die now
Sam’s mother was right, i Am a curse.
I will only cause pain for Sam
I will only ruin his life.
He deserves better.
He deserves a clean traditional Indian girl.
Not me.
I washed the death leaf in water and ate it
But only one rather 4
am done.

I love u
Forgive me


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[Story] She’ An Escort (Love why Me) EPISODE 10




[Story] She' An Escort (Love why Me)

[Story] She’ An Escort (Love why Me)

( love,why me?)
By chidinma jerry.
(Star queen).

She stood up
“I love you so much that’s why u told you not to love me,not to marry me.
i can’t get mad at you Sam cos I am not even good enough for you.
Remember I told you that i wasn’t your shreya anymore, this is my reality;i can’t stay without a man.
i left u to see a man and I will keep leaving to see a men until you understand that i wasn’t made for you baby.
am an escort and am even embarrassed to cal you mine.leave me Sam let me go I wont be mad at you if you let me go”i said.

“I can’t believe you just agreed to the fact that you went out to sleep with a man shreya, I wanted to make you my wife”I said.
“Well am not good enough for you,u can’t keep me in the house,i can’t be a decent wife to you.”She said.

She took her phone and rushed out,She didn’t even Look back.

Shreya’s pov

THIS is the most painful moment of my life but I the truth is i don’t deserve Sam.

he dumped his ex for cheating on him,i don’t want him to die of pain because I know I will do worse.

I need him so badly,few days with him made me so happy but finally I lost him.

I opened the gate and that was when I heard his voice.

” SHREYA, you are going nowhere”he said.

I turned and he came to me, He was shedding tears.

“Nachari cheated on me so I left but you SHREYA, even if you cheat, cheat, cheat and stab me;I am going nowhere.

I have actually decided to love you till I die.
I don’t care what you do or what you have become.
So better return into the house with me because You are going nowhere.

We will fight this together
We will overcome this together
SHREYA,am ready now,
Am ready to love you now

I won’t hurt you again
I won’t call you an escort again
I will die with you.
Change u
Live for you
As long as you promise to never leave me” He said and i just hugged him tight.

He took me back into the house and I sat on the bed with him.

I already bathed where I was.
So I removed my cloth and sat on the bed with him in my undies.
He smiled like a baby and kissed me.
“So what did you buy for me,”he asked
I smiled and lifted the box of

“I don’t want chocolate, I want you.”He said and hugged me tight.
I laughed.

“Sam if i tell you the truth will you believe me?”i asked
“Yes” he said.
“I didn’t go to Michael’s”I said.
“Really” he added.
“Yes I left immediately after u left cos staying alone makes me misbehave.
I went to my friends house Sandra.
I waited until 4, that was why I came back exactly by 4 cos u told me u will return by 4 and I was timing you.”I said
He nodded.
“I knew you saw that text Michael sent last night, i knew, even when you marked it as unread and kept my phone.I almost went to him but i didn’t.I want to change for you” I said

He hugged me tight.

“I feel warm and you feel cold so…. ” I pulled out his shirt and hugged him tight.
he laughed and we fell on the pillow so I fell on him.

He gently tapped my back.
“Will you follow me somewhere tomorrow by 3am
“Or course I will follow anywhere
We both laughed.

Soon I felt sleepy and I felt him cover us well. I felt warm with him. I was happy.I am happy.
Even if the Red colour never touches me.
I am happy to have met Sam again.

Sams p.o.v

I woke her up as early as 3 and we went out.

” Sam where to?
“To the ocean behind our house”I said.
“Pray”I said.
She smiled.
“They can’t accept my prayer, am a sinner”she said.
“Me too.

Soon we walked down and finally arrived at the ocean.

It was so quiet and real.
The moon was out.

” Sam do you know what happens today?.
“India celebrates colours,we also honour the goddess of love and colours;Aphrodite”i said
She was wowed.
“You made me love India shreya,u made me get interested in our traditions” i said

She smiled and we walked in then knelt down.

It was so cold, I was scared of being bitten by a snake but shreya was so comfortable.

She freed her hair and covered it with a veil.

The water got up to our Tummy.
I watched her as tears streamed down her eye
My own tears streamed too.

SHREYA finally hummed a tune.
It was so powerful.
one of the most powerful and beautiful sounds a human being could ever make.

I felt so emotional.
I watched her as she hummed with her eye closed.

She deeped her face into the water and lifted it.

her lyrics melted my heart

🎼oh mother oh mother Aphrodite
“Oh mother oh mother Aphrodite.
“That My wrong,which is so wrong.
“That My sin,which I did consciously.
“Can you forgive?

🎼 oh mother oh mother Aphrodite
“You are the goddess of love, Give Me a chance because I sinned for love.
“Give Me a new life because I failed love for love.

🎼you said love is beautiful please bless my love.
“You said love is true,please help me to be true
“I want a new live oh goddess
“Repent me,oh Aphrodite!!.

She took my hands and held me tight

🎼 I call you , I call you!!
Just like i did, right from when I was 3.
What will you do, oh Aphrodite
“Your child is back oh goddess.
have you forsaken me..

🎼 my future is dark make it bright
Shall i not wear red, but red is yours
Oh mother oh mother I came back
Will you really keep quiet oh Aphrodite

What a voice.
I felt a heavy lightning.
Even the water was no longer calm.

🎼 I know I have a sad destiny.
“Please change my Destiny
“I know I am too dirty.
“Please clean me up.
Oh mother oh mother
oh Aphrodite

She carried water and poured on my face
I smiled
She carried water and poured on her hair.

I held her hand and we both walked out.

“Lets go home shreya”I said
She nodded,And that was how we left for India.

We arrived home and we where warmly welcomed.
My mom and grandma,everybody hugged shreya.
My dad hugged her everyone Misedher she was smilimg happily.
Until my brother rushed out
“Sam welcome”he hugged me.
He turned to her..he tried hugging her but halted

“SHREYA?”he said
SHREYA looked so sad and shocked she bowed her face down

Semi finale.
2 episodes to go

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[Story] She’ An Escort (Love why Me) EPISODE 9




[Story] She' An Escort (Love why Me)

[Story] She’ An Escort (Love why Me)

( love,why me?)
By chidinma jerry.
(Star queen).

“Shreya say yes,you are breaking my heart” I said
She nodded
” Sam promise not to hurt me again” she said
“I won’t”I said
“Will you trust me?”she said
“Yes I will” I said
“Yes,i will marry you” she said.
I covered her well and deeped her into my arms.
She held me tight and closed her eye.
I looked at her face for a while I couldn’t help but remember how troublesome she was before.
I kissed her with her eye closed and she wouldn’t unlock from the kiss we both smiled until she finally let go then she gently brushed into my hair and kissed Me again I smiled.

She closed her eye.
her phone rang but it was silent.
She was trying to sleep so I didn’t bother her.
The person finally sent a text,Michael.
gosh !!can I really cope?

✉✉ baby I miss you and you didn’t come like you promised.
Ok here’s what, I got a room in your favorite hotel and I can’t wait for you to come. by 2 tomorrow don’t forget, its Michael✉✉

I wanted the delete the message but I couldn’t.
I am scared but I really want to test her.
I want to know deep she has sank into this material world.

I kissed her forehead.
God help me..I also have my own temperaments.

I hugged her tight after marking the message as unread.

Early the next morning she already bathed I cant belive she always wakes before me.

I dragged her gown and she turned to face Me so I pulled her into my arms and hugged her tight.

” why do u always wake up early?”i asked
“Well my morning rituals was always early,the first ritual is by 3am”she said.
“What 3am inside ocean,with python” I said and she used her hand to cover my mouth

” shhhh the goddess is everywhere” she said
I smiled
She removed her hand from my mouth and kissed me tight i chuckled into her lips.
She kissed me for a while while brushing her fingers into my neck.
I missed her.
We kissed deeply finding our rhythm again.
I felt her fingers brush down my tummy where she played her hands on I kissed her more tightly.

And just when I lost expected it she deeper her fingers into my shorts and held me down there softly making me groan.
She unlocked from the kiss and gently removed her fingers.
I don’t think she can wait till the wedding anymore.

” sam Am sorry, i got , well–
” you can’t wait?”i asked.
“No”she said.
I pulled her in and lifted her gown from her head she smiled and kissed me tightly.
I wanted to unhook her bra when I revived a text.

oh no i need to get to work.
jeez the dealer forgot to sign one paper and he is about travelling.

I carefully withdrew from her.

” uhmm baby I need to–
“Its ok here” she said and smiled difficultly.
“I will be back before–
“Am ok,take your time.” She said.
I walked into the shower.
I closed the door then opened it to watch her.

God she was so restless.
Someone please Restore her real self back
SHREYA moved her hair back with both hands and took a deep breath.
She drank water and sat back.
She tried dipping her fingers into her self but she stopped.

She picked her phone and dropped it back

She picked it again and I guess that was when she saw the message.

She placed a call and ran out So i showered.

Finally I walked out and she was on the bed..still looking restless.

” uhmmm Sam dont you have even 30 minutes?” She asked.
“I checked my time
“No, do u need something?”i said.
” don’t worry”she said.
I nodded
” baby when will you be back?”she Said
“Maybe 4″I said.
“What!! I mean ok..”She added.

I kissed her tight and dressed up then rushed out.

I don’t feel secure leaving SHREYA behind

But I need to trust her..I need to learn To trust her.

This is the womsn I want to marry
Self control Is important and she has lost hers.

I can’t believe she was so restless.

God please intervene.

Soon I arrived and met the man

I wasn’t comfortable so I hurried everything and went home by 3.

I arrived but she wasn’t there
I fell on the chair gosh.
My heart beat sank.

I waited for hours and hours and finally after I was done settling.
She came by 4:30, wearing this skimpy gown.

” Sam you are back, i bought somethings for you …also for our trip to —
“Where are you coming from dressed like that?”i said.
” samrhat don’t …
” so u couldn’t even stay home shreya..just few hours I left you already went out to meet some guy” I said.
She wiped her tears.
” I didn’t do anything wrong Sam, let me talk”she said.
“I saw the text he sent u,i saw that text but I thought u Wont go,i thought u wanted us to work. Too bad, I was wrong. once an escort is—-
“Say it…samrhat complete that statement.
say it it to me, its okay as long as its you who said long as you who is hurting me” she said.

Oh God, what did i say?
what’s wrong with me?
But Can we really work?
Can shreya really never change?
Can she change.?
Can I cope?
Shroud I leave shreya?

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[Story] She’ An Escort (Love why Me) EPISODE 8




[Story] She' An Escort (Love why Me)

[Story] She’ An Escort (Love why Me)

( love,why me?)
By chidinma jerry.
(Star queen).

She turned back and faced me
“Am an escort and I came to render services to you but you said you dont need me anymore so why won’t you let me go?”she said.
” Ok, how much are you worth for one week,”I asked.
” i don’t even want to be with you, go to hell.” She said and ran away.

Maybe it’s not shreya, shreya is softer than this.

I walked out and met my friends in the bar

” guys what’s the name of that girl?”i asked.
‘Something shreya”John said.
I smiled
” can u get her for one week?use your identity, i will pay ” I said
“U know u pay before service”Zack said.
“Yes”I added.
“Ok I will tell u where to transfer the money.”John said.

I walked back inside,i felt so much pain.
SHREYA became an escort.
How? why? .. gosh it was all my fault
Why didn’t I control myself that night
I defiled her in the flame of highness
It must have been so painful, i must have even wounded her deeply and it was all for lust.
I used her virginity to try getting over another woman.
I knew I wasn’t ready to commit
I knew it was just desires and I didn’t have feelings for her yet I stupidly defiled her.
That temple was her life and if I was gonna defile her I should have done it inside my room.
As a bride
She deserves that much.
And when she left I didn’t even Look for her
I went back to work
Like a prostitute I used and dumped

It was 3 weeks later when I realized I was in Love with her that i started searching.

No call no letter
I was wrong
I was really wrong.
She should have meant more to me
I should have taken her more serious.

She knew what she had to loose still she allowed me to have her
Am so stupid.
SHREYA you are mine
I don’t care, I don’t care baby.
You need to come back to me.
I want you to be miy are the girl I want to take to grandmother.

I took my bath and fell on my bed
She’s an escort
Its so heart breaking.
But I won’t give up on her yet.

Early the next morning I received a call from my friends so I headed off to the suite where she was waiting

It was so beautiful colourful and quiet.

I walked in and locked the main door.
I heard her voice

“Am glad you came,i was already getting bored so I cooked” she said walking out .
She saw me and stopped.
She wore a red gown she looked pretty.
“Oh its you,well since you already payed i won’t deny you what you payed for I will–

I knelt down and her tight by her waist.

“SHREYA I was wrong forgive me,i had no right to do What I did when I knew I didn’t love you but that was then,i love you so much shreya,i had been looking for you,i couldn’t do anything without you” I said
“Its too late to love me now Sam,u didn’t have to leave your wife and–
“Wife? SHREYA am not married, who lied to you?”i said
She wiped her tears
” even at that,you broke me samrhat.
You didn’t even care.
You didn’t even go after me
I begged you to control yourself that night but u couldn’t
I went through so much pain because you were Drunk.
After that pain what I needed was your attention,love,care.
But no,i waited for you In the cold
I was home less
And when I traveled you didn’t bother to reach out to me,The girl you defiled in cold.
I was nothing to you
I know u can’t possibly treat your ex like that
Was I too cheap or too ugly” she wiped her tears and I hugged her tight.
” shreya sorry please”I said
“Let me go Sam I don’t love you anymore.”She added

” shreya please,i Will die”I said.
” samrhat am an not that virgin anynore
That was why I told you that i wasn’t SHREYA.
I was too embarrassed to let you see what I have become.
I can’t change,I have been different men,I can’t stay without a man.
I Am no longer your shreya.
So what exactly can this escort offer now? What do you want from me?” She said

“Love, shreya please I want to love you,I want you to love me,I want to take you away” I said.

” too bad Sam,Am bit good enough for you” she said.

I stood up and hugged her tight

“I dont care, SHREYA remember our good old days
You can still come back.
U will Change.I want you shreya anyhow,As long as its’s good SHREYA
Please”I Said.

“Your family would never accept me sam”she said.
“I dont care “I added.

I kissed her lips until she hugged me.
I carried her up into my arms

“Did you say you cooked?”i asked
She nodded
“Lets go”I said.
“Samrhat you don’t know what I have became.
Am scared that u will leave again.
What if I can’t change?”she said.

” I love you shreya,I love you more than you can imagine.”I said

Soon we sat facing the dinner.
And she watched me eat
“Its nice”I said.
She wiped her tears
“Sam” she shed tears again
“SHREYA”I added .
“Am not good enough for you…you deserve better than me.I don’t even know if I can still give birth.Leave me sam”she added.
” I won’t..if you Wont give birth we will stay childless,I don’t even like children”I said

She smiled and wiped her tears
“Am sorry SHREYA”I said.
“I wish i could wait for you,
I wish i was stronger.”She said.

Soon I was done so I carried her into the bedroom

” Will you sleep by my side from now on?”i asked.
She nodded
I switched off the light and wrapped my arms around her.

She chuckled sweetly and brightened the lights a bit then she brushed my fingers into her body and kissed me tightly.
She carefully pulled out my top.
Why do I have this feeling this SHREYA might still leave.

” shreya I don’t want to make a misstep with you again”I said.
“What?”she added.
“Lets get married … lets do It as couple this time, I want to treat you the way you deserve.”I said.
” uhmmm..
“Wil you go home with me?
Will you marry me?
” samrhat I am an–
“I don’t care I swear..I don’t please”I said.
“You know India is too spiritual, what if the goddess doesn’t Bless me?”i asked.
“Then I will marry you without her blessings” he said.
“What about your U really want to ruin yourself? Sam leave me here please,
You can always visit me” she said.
“Never,i will rather die.
marry me shreya…say Yes

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