“Don’t Ever Compare Davido’s Money To Wizkid’s Money Again” – Twitter User Blows Hot (See Why)


New Year, New Supremacy battle between the Starboy FC and The 30Billion Gangs.

A Twitter user has taken to his timeline to tweet about how he think Davido is more superior and rich that Wizkid.

Even with picture proof of his claim, many still think it is a very brainless comparison between the two superstars.

See what he tweeted below:-

Guys 👇

Does Wizkid Using Of iPhone XR Means Davido Is Richer Than Him?

Let’s hear from your angle too.

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  • Davido using iPhone 11 doesn’t mean he is richer than Wizkid ….Star boi will still be my number one in music industry

  • Davido or Wizkid all of them go die one-day amany less privilege have they help ask your yourself some reason question about all they are just human,how is the most Richer of them is for they pocket

    • Don’t you Appreciate that the richest MAN from Africa is from Nigeria??
      How many Foundation for childfund raising did he have??

      Being a celebrity can be somehow intimidating??
      Learn to Have a chance not to hate anyone but for the pleasure of just fun

      DAVIDO we love Wizkid we like

  • Phone of a thing doesn’t matter but let look into achievements and the ppl each of them has uplifted. Davido money is larger because everyone under him are successful and he is too. Davido gives the street. 30BG

  • IPhone 11?? Whas the big deal ther! Using an iPhone11is a thing of choice, star 🌟 boi can afford the phone. Using an expensive phone doesn’t mean an individual is rich 🙌star boi 💙

  • Wizkid don’t give money but he teaches you how to make it while davido gives money to anyone he feels like and that y I like Wizkid everything is real personallity no forming davido show off too much u can’t compare they. Riches because u don’t know they account .so many people are outside that have more than 30B not only davido please let’s don’t judge

  • You’re dumb, wizkid signed the biggest deal in Africa with UBA, hes making 3million dollars every month, a normal guy can buy iPhone 11, y’all got no point dumbass

  • Phone may not attach nor attract much reasons for the Leader of 30BG to be the King,
    But as it is, Davido reigns supreme!!!

  • Baba no be matter of using iphone 11,starboi too can afford it,is a just matter of someone’s choice abeg make way clear road for the number in africa
    Mr ojuelegba
    Mr eledumare
    Star boi here we come

  • Please how much is iphone11 that wizkid can’t afford? I wonder the way you guys reason attimes.even i am not a celebrity i dont have money like comon lytar.. But am ussing iphone 11.

  • What make u think david adeleke is richer than wizkid. davido became famous due to his father’s help of his first songs and their videos but wizzy was a person who struggled as a bus conductor till he suceeded the truth is davido has not tasted poverty but wizkid has, that is what make him richer than davido.

  • If davido pass wizkid then wizkid last born pass u, dey there they kill your self u just dey talk so that davido go dash u money, u think sey u go see one rust kobo no go find work dey there dey formfool your self. IDIOT

  • I think comparing these two people based on the current phone they use is a stupid thing to do. And besides the person doing the comparasion are u not a human being? Abi Wizkid and Davido get two head? If eh deh possible compare your self to them.

  • Biko why now🤥,
    So that means those yahoo boys for my estate using IPhone 11pro are richer than wizkid too #smh🙄
    Use your brain abeg….
    You don’t compare like dt, and also find something better doing than wasting time on someone else’s life

  • Wow! What an ironically wise comparing concept between these two fantastically stupendous dudes. Some extremely affluent folks use phones less than #10K as thosevare their choices. Star Boy can afford a diamond phone of millions of dollars if there’s such and so does OBO. This poster’s yardstick for successful people is undoubtedly childish and derisory outlandish!

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