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All Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Students Should Take Note of This Announcement

Students from all arms of education should note that due to the Easter celebration, most schools will be forced to observe a short break for the Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday which will take place in the next days.

All primary, secondary and tertiary students are hereby advised to stay at home to celebrate the festive seasons with their friends and love ones as the celebration period will be regarded as a public holiday for the time being. Students should also note that they could make use of this period to round up their preparations for the end of the term examination which might take place after the celebration for some schools.

As for other schools who are done with their end of the term examination, this could be the opportunity to enlighten the Basic Six, JSS 3 and SSS 3 students that are all preparing for their vital examination. authorities are advised to pay more attention to these students after the conclusion of the general examination since their exams will be board as questions will be chosen from various educational levels they have passed through.

Most importantly is the Senior Secondary 3 (SSS 3) who are preparing for their West Africa Senior Certificate Examination (WASSCE) which will be taken place soon. The SSS 3 students are to note that their examination is more of importance since it is part of the requirements needed to enter any tertiary institution in the country.

All SSS 3 students are hereby advised to play less and study more for their examination as it result will go a long way their their admission process to the tertiary institute. All primary, secondary and tertiary students are hereby notified of this announcement and in all, wished for a happy Easter seasons.


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