ALBUM: Kent Edunjobi – Anikulapo (Sound Tracks)

November 15th, 2022

Anikulapo has beautifully written and sung songs to accompany its delivery to the audience. An ensemble of original folksongs performed by Kent Edunjobi for Kunle Afolayan Productions (KAP Music), the album hosts 3 songs that speak about the prominent themes in Anikulapo from Aigboran (Disobedience) to Ojukokoro (Coveteousness) and Igba Nba Jo (When I Ought to Dance) and 10 scores that singers can get a license for to create their own song.

The stringing together of beautiful Yoruba proverbs, sayings, and phrases together with the sonorous voice of Kent Edunjobi tickles a part of your heart and at the same time, as you listen, drive the message deep into your subconscious.

Listening to these songs will purge you of the right emotion at the right time, putting you right in the middle of the actions and plot development. Also, they serve as moral checks for listeners as the message seeks to remind you to be content, not be two-timing, and be objective with life choices

These songs are memorable even though you get to hear them for the first time while watching Anikulapo, the sound and lyrics leave an indelible print on your heart.



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