7 Things To Do On Valentine’s Day If You’re Alone

June 10, 2023, 7:41 am

Table of contents;

1. Get out of Town.

2. Go shopping.

3. Organize your closet.

4. Throw a party for single friends.

5. Be kind to yourself.

6. Avoid Love Triggers.

7. Love yourself.

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Are you solo this Valentine's Day? It's really not so bad. There are many reasons why you may find yourself alone on Valentine's day.

It'seasy to let the media and advertisements make you feel like something is missing. Especially if you are not in a relationship on this particular day.

But the hilarious part of it is that, For some people, both single and in relationships, Valentine's Day is annoying. And some sees it as unnecessary commercial celebration.

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You could be celebrating alone because your significant other pulled out. He or she isn't in town or you just haven't found that person yet. Whatever reason! We're here to tell you it doesn't have to be that way.

Valentine's Day can be a great opportunity to indulge in fun activities, whether it's dinner low-key or some self-care. Just because you don't have a significant other next to you doesn't mean you should be mean to yourself.

Here's how to commemorate the holiday that honours love!;

1. Get Out of Town

Plan a Valentine's Day weekend getaway with a friend or family member, or go solo. Drive or take the train somewhere you've always wanted to go or visit an old favorite destination where you can bask in nostalgia.

2. Go Shopping.

Another one of my favorite ways to celebrate, retail therapy is great to pass the day. There are plenty of sales and, if you go to the mall, the stores are pretty empty.

3. Organize Your Closets.

Valentine's Day is in February so, depending on where you live, spring is right around the corner. What would be better than organizing your closets, and getting a handle on what clothes you have and may need?

4. Throw a Party for Single Friends.

In your circle of friends you probably aren't the only one that is going to be alone. Why not throw a Valentine's Day party?

Everybody loves a party, and they'll appreciate an event that won't leave them sitting at home all night, wishing they had a special someone by their side.

A friend of my family threw one every year, beginning before I was even born. They were the hit of the holiday among her single and married friends.

5. Be Kind to Yourself.

If you'd prefer not to ignore Valentine's Day, you can decide to make it a day to treat yourself well. try some of the following self-care strategies:

Eat your favorite foods
Create a list of goals or intentions that you'd like to set for the day
Engage in hobbies that you enjoy
Sleep in late
Take the day off work
Write in a gratitude journal

6. Avoid Love Triggers.

Avoid watching romantic movies and listening to love songs because they may trigger even more feelings of loneliness on Valentine's Day. If a relationship has recently ended or you deal with social anxiety disorder, these types of activities may elicit sadness and feelings of depression about being alone during this holiday. try watching a new show or a different genre as Valentine's Day approaches instead.

7. Love Yourself.

Do whatever makes you happy! Cut yourself some slack. Remind yourself that you are lovable and worthy of love.


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